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First Kiss on Kindle

Written By: Sex Writer - Apr• 29•12

horny old fartsI got toot my own horn a little.

First off, I haven’t updated my stories here, and I do apologize to everyone for that, but hey, life is not a bowl of cherries, things happen.

But no whining, instead I want to announce that I’ve gotten my first book published online, in the Amazon Kindle Store.


It may not be a big deal to anyone, but it has been a long road, and now, for those who want to read a real book, on their Kindle, or use the Kindle App for the iPad, now you can.

Yeah okay, there might be other books, but hey, mine is $3.99 for the Kindle, and if you printed it out, well its over 200 pages.


The Locker – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 11•12

Chapter 8

Part 1

Noah took the thin package from Dakota’s sweating hand and he leaned back onto the hard legs that rested under him. He could feel the warm flesh as his naked buttocks rested carefully onto Dakota’s strong legs. He could feel the heat from his own body growing hotter with each passing beat of his heart; feel the desire welling up even more inside as he fumbled with the thin plastic package in his hand.

His eyes shimmered as he stared down at Dakota’s long lean body, the shimmering golden flesh of Dakota’s chest only made his heart ache more, made the throb deep down in his rectum grow stronger as he finally opened the thin package and held the thin coated condom in his shaking fingers. Noah wanted it to be right as he tried to keep his thoughts focused but he couldn’t help himself, stealing glances at Dakota’s face and body.

Looking down as he moved his hand to his side he saw the shimmering golden flesh of Dakota’s chest move up and then down as Dakota’s lungs continued to suck in the rich warm night air. He saw the way the tiny beads of sweat continued to glimmer and shake with each heave of that perfect chest and he wasn’t sure if the illusion was from the sweat that still trickled down from his forehead or if it was from the tiny perfectly clear tears that welled up at the corners of his eyes as he thought about the moment passed and the moment to come. His whole body tingled with excitement as he continued to gaze downwards, continued to drink in the perfectly formed body that now rested beneath his own youthful frame.

Nothing seemed to exist, no other sounds but the steady thumb of his own heart echoed within his head and yet even that seemed muted by the moment. He could see the thin outline of ribs pushing up against the flesh, see the flat washboard stomach with rippling muscles holding tight rein within and he could feel the heat now, the hot burning heat that was rising up from just in front of his own belly and groin.

Dakota’s shoulder length hair was matted and spread all over behind his head against the dark wooden floor and yet to Noah it looked like a crown of dark gold. His heart skipped a beat as he stole a quick glance upwards and peered into the rich deep chocolate eyes, feeling the sudden beat of Dakota’s heart next to his and in that moment his fears, his hesitations were gone and as he lowered his head, he stared down at Dakota’s throbbing manhood.


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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12

Chapter 8

If you look Up, There are no limits.

Japanese Proverb They had talked the whole afternoon away and slowly Billy had started to get excited. He saw the way Josh’s eyes lit up each time he came up with a new idea or a new thought on what he could do; but the greatest thrill was when Gordon asked Josh what he wanted to do. It had been an awkward moment until Josh said he had always wanted to be more than just a labourer. Gordon had simply beamed at him and Billy could even feel his own chest swelling with pride. This was his guy and well, it seemed only right.

Dinner was even more of the same except when Gordon brought out the bottle. Billy’s face dropped a mile as he recognized the Dom Perngion Champagne. He had seen it before, and knew that this wasn’t exactly a dinner drink, this was for something special and Gordon knew how to make it that. For the first time Billy actually believed that his life was turning around for the better.

It was a totally awesome experience for both Billy and Josh. For the first time, both of them were actually able to think more of what they wanted than of what they had to do. Josh couldn’t believe his good fortune. Only a few months earlier he had thought that he would never see his nineteenth birthday, that the scars he carried inside would always be there, until that day, the day he had planned to end his pain and that of his young life’s sorrows.


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The Locker – Chapter 7

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 17•11


Chapter 7

Choose thy love.Love thy choice.

— German Proverb

Part 1

He opened his eyes slowly, not quite sure where he was and then he felt the warm chest under his head rising in a steady rhythm and he suddenly felt relaxed and at ease. His own breathing began to rise a little as he thought about where he was and he moved his head a little to stare up at the clear blue sky that lay above him, no city lights to interfere with the pristine view or cloud it over. He sighed a little thinking of how lucky he was and how much he felt like fate had somehow taken a hand and made him come to this point, now if he could only manage to do his part, maybe then all this would be exactly as he dreamed?

No, thinking like that wasn’t going to help, because nothing he had dreamed of could ever equal how he was feeling right now, or had felt all the time he had been here or with Dakota. Nothing in all of his reading, his searching could ever equal the warmth he was feeling inside, the strange ease at which he now felt. Funny, he could feel the dried love between his legs and normally that feeling always irritated him but now, now it was like a badge of proof, a symbol maybe that he wasn’t alone anymore.

Noah turned his face away from the distant stars to gaze down at Dakota and was surprised to see Dakota’s dark brown eyes gazing up at him. He felt a strange thrill go thru his whole body, as he looked deep into those rich brown eyes, feeling a sense of love that he never felt before, a sense that he was something special to this tall lanky boy whose chest he was resting on. He could feel the tingle growing between his legs too as he felt the soft gentle touch of Dakota’s fingers against his cheek as Noah continued to look into the eyes. It was everything he had ever imagined love to be and oh so much more that he wanted to shout it out, to stand up and proclaim his love and as he thought of it, he felt the gentle touch of Dakota’s finger tips against his lips, gently brushing past his thin pale lips, making his heart scream in pure pleasure.


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