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Rent Boy – Chapter 2

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 07•07

Chapter 2

Josh stood up from the couch and walked over to the table where he helped himself to a healthy shot of brandy. He looked over at Darren and saw the eyes, the sparkle dulled by his story but still there.

He started walking around the living room as he continued with his story, relating to Darren the beginnings of his working days.

With his eyes lowered, staring down at his feet, Josh continued with his story. He related how they spent two days in the roadside motel, barely leaving the room as they explored each other’s body’s, how they became lover’s despite themselves.

Josh talked about how he had his first taste of another man’s semen and how it tasted so different from his own, and how he enjoyed the


taste. He related how he felt the first time he put Billy’s penis into his mouth and how he gagged but Billy was patient, not forcing the throbbing cock, letting it rest inside his mouth until he was ready to take more of it.

He talked in a monotone as he told Darren about that first taste of another’s cum. How he felt so desperate to please Billy and yet how he knew that it didn’t matter if he did or not.

Josh’s face was twisted with an inner torment and anguish that Darren had never seen before in his young lover. He wanted to reach out and hold him, and yet he couldn’t get his arms or his body to move, instead he sat there listening to the story unfold.

Josh stopped his pacing, and finally he saw down on the floor. His face lowered to stare at the floor, as he drank deeply from the full brandy glass. Small tears were forming in the corner’s of his eyes as he recalled that first night. With a deep sad sigh, he started to detail that night.

He remembered that they had dined on hot dogs and corn chips. Billy had gone out for about an hour earlier, while Josh had slept from


their most recent encounter. He was so happy, he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to take Billy’s huge cock in his mouth and he had passed that problem, thanks to Billy. He was so patient, the way he had softly talked to him while gently pushing his cock into Josh’s mouth, relaxing him in the heat of the moment, making him enjoy the feel and the taste of that wonderful tool.

He sat in the bed waiting for his man. Josh liked that, thinking of Billy as his man, and yet he knew he wasn’t, or was he? There was no doubt that Billy sold his ass, and that was nagging at him. How come someone as nice and as hot as Billy had to sell his ass? Surely there was other ways to earn a few bucks but then if he didn’t do that, would they have ever met? It had to be fate, that sent them together.

Dinner was sitting on the floor, resting against the bed. Josh with only a towel around his waist, Billy fully dressed, and each bite of that hot dog only made Josh feel hornier than ever. Billy had teased him, asking him if he enjoyed the taste of the dog or maybe he preferred the one he had had earlier. They had laughed and joked and for the entire meal, neither had dropped their eyes from that of the other. Billy’s eyes seemed to cloud over every few minutes as some dark thoughts passed through his brain. Josh would get worried and then it would pass and a smile would cross his face.

“You ever going to wear clothes again?” Billy asked after he had rolled the last of his hot dog around in his mouth, pushing it out every now and then from between his lips, as Josh had watched, licking his lips, imagining that was his own cock in Billy’s mouth.

“Depends,” he replied.

“Yeah? depends on what?”

“Well. would hate to not be ready for you, when you get the urge.”

“What, you still want more do you?”

Billy lay back on his arms, his legs now spread straight out, one leg on either side of Josh’s body.

“I always want more of you.”

Josh was smiling and now he stared down at the bulge in Billy’s jeans.

“Greedy little pig aren’t you?

“All you country boys are sure horny.”

“Are we? You should know, you were one once yourself.”

“Yeah, but that was a long time ago.”

“Why did you leave?”

Josh could see Billy’s face harden, his eyes clouded over and he seemed to be lost in the grip of a past nightmare. His chest heaved a couple of times and his breathing was rather short and laboured as he sat there, saying nothing but telling a great deal.

Josh reached across, gently placing his hand on Billy’s leg. He could

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