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Day of Wrath 4

Written By: Sex Writer - Jul• 05•10
This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 4

He leaned back against the cold brick of the building, staring down the rather empty looking street. It hadn’t been exactly a banner night for him so far and to be truthful, he felt rather bored by it all. The urge for a quick thrill had long since past and the wind had turned rather cool as well. It was just one more annoyance in what seemed to be a constant state for him these days.

Terry knew he wasn’t exactly a dog and when he bothered he knew that many found him attractive. Trouble for many though was that not too many found him attractive enough to get past his work choice. The few who it didn’t seem to matter to drew the line at the sideline to his job and to be honest, he couldn’t really explain why he did it either.

It wasn’t exactly a safe sideline either. It was one thing to go hang out with the others in his trade dressed in some tight shirt and skin tight pants, it was certainly different to work the area for woman. Man some of those broads got pushy and if the customer ever found out, well he had some experience on how that went. Still it was something he did and for the most part, the idea of going down on some straight john gave him a unique thrill. It filled a void and added to the excitement he felt each time one of those hot sailor boys would let him do all sorts of things, never suspecting he was a he.

Course there was a downside to all that as well. Rarely did he manage to get his own urges satisfied and some of those straight guys were to die for. God they had some of the nicest butts a guy could see and their dicks were something too. Maybe it was simply that he knew he couldn’t enter those butts or really feel those dicks that made them so much more enticing, or maybe it was just that dressing up as a woman got him more younger guys than if he trolled for men as a man? He wasn’t sure but you didn’t really see too many young hot guys looking for a hustler, but boy you sure did see them looking for a prostitute.

In some ways he felt a lot older than his 22 years would indicate. He had been out on his own for 8 long years now, a lifetime really. It felt so empty at times that maybe he was just trying to compensate for it by seeking cheap thrills or maybe there were other reasons. God how he hated this mood and as he stared down the street he didn’t see much coming that would change it. The idea of just going down to the bar was becoming more attractive by the minute but no way was he going to go without at least getting one fast trick.

There was some noise coming from the other end and for a second or two he ignored it as he thought about his life and where it wasn’t going. The sadness he had been feeling was becoming too frequent and yet inside he felt like there was nothing else for him. He couldn’t just go off and learn a trade or even get a real job. He had no skills unless you counted knowing how to bring a guy to a quick ejaculation a skill or how to make some old geezer feel like he was King Stud when he had a 4 inch dick. Those were his skills and he knew he was good at that despite his old age of 22.

Shit he knew some of the latest group that hung out at the bars and boy streets who really didn’t know the first thing about sucking a cock or in making a john cum quick. They thought it was better to take their time but they didn’t seem to realize, time was money and as long as the guy had a good orgasm, well shit it didn’t matter if it took him 2 minutes or 20. Fuck what did he expect though, most of those working the streets these days were just like him 8 years ago. Many wouldn’t make it much past 19 or 20, hell he wasn’t even sure how he had made it this far, and maybe that was why he was feeling this way? Of course it could be that in a few weeks he’d be turning 23 and for the life of him he hadn’t a clue who would even care.

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