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Rick the Prick

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 08•10

Part (-)

Was just a little after 1am, and still his head ached. It wasn’t from the drinks he had at the club, but from that prick next door. Charlie wasn’t a prude, hell at times he rather enjoyed listening to his neighbour Rick slamming some poor girl, because Rick was one vocal fucker.

Just that damn it, he hated the loud bickering that seemed to be more common, than his hard screams of ‘oh yeah I am cummin’ which didn’t surprise Charlie all that much. Rick was a hottie, but his attitude was the shits.

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Okay, sure he had a good body, well toned and muscled in just the right places. Rick had shaggy hair, that hung down past his ears, just above his shoulders. Gawd, those shoulders were so flat, so squared, you’d swear the guy was the poster guy for epaulettes or something.

His eyes were a sort of piercing blue, that seemed to always be flickering around, never resting on one spot for very long. His face was angular, his chin was very pronounced and his lips thin, plus it always seemed that Rick had some sort of smirk showing. Not sure what that was about, and frankly they hadn’t gotten along too well. He had tried, saying hello when they had gotten on the same elevator, or had met in the laundry room, but Rick never seemed to want to be friends.

Hell, the guy was just plain rude most of the time, which made Charlie wonder how he got so many women to come home with him, and get banged. Course, not all of them were into it, and it was their loud refusal to Rick’s Neanderthal advances that made many of Charlie’s nights the shits.

Tonight was the worse, had been going on for some time. Charlie had enough drinks at the bar, to finally decide that he’d had enough of Rick’s rudeness, and tossing back another Tylenol, Charlie made up his mind.

Slipping his feet into his slippers, he grabbed his keys off the coffee table and walked out, slamming his door as he quickly moved next door, and began to hammer on Rick’s apartment door. Enough he thought, as he could still hear the yelling from inside, as Rick was telling his latest, just what a tramp she was. Charlie had to give her credit though, she seemed to be a good match for Rick’s abuse, giving back as good as she got.

He hammered again, and to his surprise, the door flung open. Charlie staggered back a bit, as a rather petite blond came storming out, throwing a rather explicit epitaph back into the apartment, before pushing past him and storming down the hallway towards the elevator.

Even before he could turn back towards Rick’s apartment, he knew that Rick was there. He gulped as he heard the harsh voice demanding what the fuck he had wanted.

Turning to answer, he couldn’t help but hold his breath. Rick was standing in the doorway, virtually naked except for a pair of very well tented boxer shorts. Charlie couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight of that tenting. Shit, he had always thought Rick was hung, but never thought it could look that big, judging from the outline of the boxers, and how far they were tented.

‘I said what the fuck you want?’

Charlie lifted his eyes up from Rick’s crotch. The eyes were glaring at him, and he knew that Rick had noticed him staring at his crotch.

‘The noise man, was getting a bit much.’

‘Yeah, so what’s it to you?’

What was it to him? Fuck, this guy really was a piece of work. It was annoying, that is what, but Charlie held his tongue, figuring he just wanted to make his point, then leave.

‘It was becoming a bit much, is all.’

‘Yeah? Well it would have been okay, if you hadn’t come pounding on the door.’

Before he could reply, a door opened and some guy yelled out for them to take it inside. He cringed, as he heard Rick yell out for the guy to fuck off. Then he stepped back a bit, and growled at Charlie.

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