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Day of Wrath 5

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 23•10
This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 5

He couldn’t help himself from staring over towards where Terry was standing. It was almost as if his eyes were being drawn towards him and yet Terry had his back to him. Strange how looking at him only made him want him more. Maybe he really was just being a love sick teenager but he couldn’t help it. He really felt something for this guy. His problem was that he just wasn’t sure if it was love like he had read about or was it more some stupid hormone thing. The whole night he had done nothing but dream about this, about meeting and being with Terry and now that he was actually here, he felt like he was blowing it. The way Terry had suddenly gotten up and went to talk to the tall bouncer made him wonder if maybe Terry was asking the guy to toss him out of the place. Shit it could be that after all he had more or less told Terry that he had been stalking him. Well okay not really stalking but he had sold himself to get information on him. That certainly didn’t seem to go over very well but what else could he have done? Jason knew Terry and Ashley wanted to know him. It seemed like the only way and while he felt kind of cheap and dirty, he really didn’t regret it. Least all he did was let the guy suck him off. Maybe Terry wouldn’t let it bug him too much after all he did that stuff for a living. Sitting there, watching the way Terry tilted his head a bit or the way his longish hair seemed to just flow as he talked only made the ache in his body grow more intense. He shifted in the chair and wondered what it would be like to actually be naked with Terry. Would he be able to please him or would he be nothing more than some rookie? There was so much he wanted to know and yet he felt frightened about it all. Sex was something he had only fantasized about and while he had seen a few porn flicks, he really hadn’t a clue as to what to do. Getting his dick sucked hadn’t exactly been like he had imagined.

Sure, thinking about Terry had helped keep his dick erect and all but what would he do when it was actually Terry? Hell would Terry even want to have sex with him? Man he must crazy to be thinking about this shit when more than likely he was about to be tossed out of the bar on his ass. How stupid could he be to think that someone as hot as Terry would even take a second look at him let alone want him? He shook his head as he looked away, afraid that any second now that tall giant at the door would be heading over to politely but firmly ask him to leave.

Maybe he shouldn’t have rushed this? Maybe he should have gone and looked for a place to stay tonight and then maybe gotten settled with a job or something? Least then he’d have something to offer and who knows, maybe with a bit of cash he could have made a pitch that Terry might have accepted? The pain in his stomach was making him uncomfortable and once more he shifted in the chair trying not to look over at Terry but failing. His eyes felt heavy as he saw both Terry and the door guy looking towards him. Sweat was starting to drip from his forehead and he felt like he was about to lose the one chance he would have. His stomach growled from being empty and his mouth felt like it had swallowed a shit load of cotton. Despite all that he still wished he could have thought of something better than blurting out that he was chasing Terry. God he must be laughing at him right now or worse, was telling that door guy everything which most likely meant it would get around to everyone at the bar. Granted the place wasn’t totally packed but each time he glanced around and saw someone looking his way he felt like they knew. It was stupid and irrational but then so was his unexplained need to find and get to know Terry. Something had either broken inside him or else he really was just a crazed loony like his step mother had said. Thing was he didn’t feel like he was crazy or nuts. Something inside had told him that he needed Terry to be who he wanted to be. Only real problem was his stupid mind didn’t seem to know what it was that he was. Okay he knew he was gay, had known that for some time actually but what did that mean? Did it mean that he was somehow a bad person? Did it mean that somehow he was doomed to hell like the preacher had said back home? His mind seemed to think so but even that wasn’t for certain. He just wished there was an easy answer to this and as he thought about it, his eyes once more glanced over to Terry. Just seeing his body there made him know that whatever he wanted to know was to be found there in that strange boy that had stolen his heart. He just knew inside that all his questions could be answered by Terry but why he knew that he didn’t know, he just knew. Maybe it was like he had just known he was queer. It wasn’t like he woke up one morning and decided to want guys but his step mother didn’t buy that. His father seemed to consider it but then something had changed with him too. He wasn’t the same man he used to be when his real mother had been alive. Then he wasn’t afraid to laugh or to speak his mind either. God how he used to laugh but ever since his real mom had died his father had never laughed, not once. It was like a part of him had died and Ashley could understand that. He too had felt that way but surely you didn’t just sit back and wait for death to claim you too, or did you?

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