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Snaggin His Dream

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 25•10

Part (-)

Erick couldn’t believe his luck. He’d snagged the hunk of the Senior class, Alfred. He still felt a bit giddy, as they snuck away to explore the empty upstairs. The noise of everyone was muted, as they climbed up the stairs, to come out on a wide open landing.

kissingStained glass windows muted the street lights, and before Erick could move to explore more, Alfred was suddenly all over him. It was unbelievable, as he felt his cock suddenly spring to nearly full mast. His shorts were stretched as Alfred began to paw at him, to reach inside his jeans. Erick still couldn’t believe this sexy stud wanted a skinny runt like him, but the hand reaching down into his undies, told him it was real.

He gulped for air, as Alfred’s hand grasped at his almost rigid dick, then he felt the button pop on his jeans, felt the denim being pushed quickly down his legs. His cock started to grow even harder, as his designer shorts were pushed away.

suckingErick moaned as he felt the stiff cock being cradled in Alfred’s warm hand, then it was suddenly being engulfed in that oh so sweet mouth. Christ he thought he’d blow his load right there and then, as he felt the lips tighten, move down his burning shaft.

His balls ached, as Alfred’s hand moved up his stomach, caressing his smooth skin, making him even hotter. He felt the precum oozing out, felt the tongue licking it up, as he tilted his head backwards. Christ it was nearly impossible to hold back, to not blow his load.

How, he didn’t know, but he felt himself on top of Alfred, on some old love couch, or whatever it was they called it. He felt the cushions move as he ran his own tongue now into Alfred’s wide open mouth. Fuck it tasted like heaven, sweet and yet almost scalding hot. His own hands had found the naked chest, played briefly with the nipple ring his fingers had found.

Moving down, his hands came across the bar piercing on the belly, which only made him moan more. Erick realized he had Alfred where he wanted him, where he needed him to be. His hands moved down, undoing the jeans, pulling them away, and setting free that gorgeous uncut dick.

blow jobNo foreskin to play with, as it was already taut and pulled back, the hot cock head exposed, waiting for his own mouth, his lips, to quench its fire. Alfred wasn’t just laying there, his own hands busy stroking & groping at Erick’s crotch, made it seem like some wild squirming session. The way they both moved around, to make sure their hands were always touching, their bodies close, sweating.

Erick felt his own tongue piercing scraping along the exposed head, hearing Alfred moan louder. He looked up to see Alfred’s eyes glaze over a bit, and he knew, that he would soon own him. His own uncut boner was ready, as he became the aggressor, surprising himself.

Flipping Alfred over, he drove his hard dick into that willing tight hole, hearing the grunt, followed by a soft endless moan of utter pleasure. His dick pushed in all the way, all the way to the hilt, as he felt the legs reaching around, drawing him in even more.

anal sexHis whole body moved in perfect sync, as he drove his uncut cock deep inside, then pulled back in perfect rhythm. The sound of his balls striking the now sweat stained butt cheeks, echoed in the empty chamber. It was music to his ears, as he continued to pound away, to feel the warm insides spread apart each time he drove his dick deep and all the way home.

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