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Setting Priorities

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 28•10

Part (-)

big bear AdamOkay, so I am not some Greek God, in the looks department. I am solid, massive really, in body shape, with a rather chiselled face. People look at me, and they automatically figure I am some has been linebacker, boxer, or a bouncer.  Talk about typecasting, but truth is, I am not a sports junkie, certainly not boxing. Not into sports and certainly not bouncing people out of a bar. Fact is, the bar scene isn’t for me.

I don’t mind having a few brews after work, but going down to the local pub, well, just isn’t in the cards. To begin with, don’t really socialize much with my co-workers. Never met a bunch of back stabbing bitches, as those I work with. Sure, couple are nice, but they are women. Me, I like Men, and not some tweaked out twinky, but real men who can handle a good hard ass fucking. Problem is, when most see my tool, they either gulp, then run, or just faint right off.

big build hard bodyLooking at me, you’d swear I was into rough hardcore sex, but truth is, I like to be tender. I love to hug a guy, feel him nestle into my massive barrel chest. Feel his face rubbing up against all my chest hair. The feel of his fingers running across my hair covered thighs, my butt, really turns me on.

Fact is, those are hard types to find. Most want to just get on their knees and suck my knob, once they get over the size thing. I mean it is large, thick, but come on, I’ve seen bigger. Plus, I know how to use it, without making you scream blue friggin’ murder. Yeah, it’ll hurt a bit, going in, but I am not into becoming some out of control piston, at the beginning.

I want to enjoy the feeling too, and no way can I do that, if you are squealing like some stuck pig.  Besides, I know how to make that nice tight pucker hole of yours relax, just as I know how to make mine relax. As long as you are clean, I really enjoy a good bit of tongue fucking, before the real deal. Some good fingering helps, and oh yeah, lots of lube is just fine with me. Now don’t get the idea that you’ll need a gallon jug of it, up your ass, either. Like I said, I know how to work it in, as long as you are willing.

Problem is, most of the guys I’ve met, well, just can’t get past my big size, body and cock. So I am rugged looking, maybe come across as one mean mother, but I am exactly the opposite. I like to caress, be caressed. To feel a nice soft hand, rubbing my inner thighs, moving lightly between my firm butt cheeks, is only going to make me want you more.

Just because I am hairy, have a solid frame, doesn’t make me an ogre. I work hard all day, like you do and when I get home, the bills are still there. I mean I am not some rich fucker, who has a personal accountant, a whole entourage of people waiting on me.

I put my pants on, one leg at a time, and by myself. I get home, check the mail, check the answering machine, just like any other working stiff. I am tired too, need a moment of ‘me’ time, like any other guy. Sure, be smart to maybe deal with all the bills and stuff first, but I’ve been dealing with crap all day, who needs that shit when you first get home?

sitting in underwear onlyMe, I like to unwind first. A cool glass of something, not necessarily a brew, just something cold. Then maybe sit on the chair, couch, and just lean back and thing of more pleasant stuff, like that hottie I met at the supermarket or the one at the Big ‘N Tall store. Now there was a hunk, but like most, he was a bit put off by my rugged looks.

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