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Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 03•10

Part (-)

Jesse loved guys with big dicks. He couldn’t get enough of those monster sized poles, to wrap, not just his fist around, or his thin lips, but he loved it when his ass was firmly impaled on one big mother of a cock. In all honesty, there wasn’t much Jesse wouldn’t do, to be able to get it on with some guy, as long as he had a good sized cock.

His friends called him a Size Queen, but it was more than that. It was an insatiable need, to be stuffed by a fat thick dick, that could rip into his tiny ass, drive deep so it poked out his mouth. Okay not really, but you get the idea, Jesse loved big dicks.

Problem was, not so easy to find, hence his willingness to do anything. When someone mentioned that JP was back in town, well Jesse felt like he had just gone to Heaven.

JP wasn’t what you’d call a looker either. Oh he was slender, about the same age too, and more importantly, a top with a big pecker. Bonus, it was fat too, (the cock that is) especially around the base. He also was a bit more toned, than Jesse. With a bit more muscle, he could really drive his torpedo deep, which is what Jesse loved.

Thing was, JP like dark haired guys, with a particular hair style. Figures, as Jesse wasn’t dark haired, but then that’s why they invented hair colors. Once he heard that JP was around, well you know he went straight to the hairy stylist, got his hair dyed black, got himself a nice shag cut, just the way JP preferred.

Now all he had to do, was arrange the meeting, because, once he did, well he knew he’d be able to get him into bed. And that meant, he’d get his ass fucked, his need for dick, satisfied for the moment.

His friends always wondered, how he managed that. Course they didn’t know his secret, not many did. Jesse wasn’t about to let on either, because it would simply ruin things, plus it wasn’t allowed. If they did find out, well, he could lose his gift, as it was called.

Ya see, Jesse wasn’t like most young men, it wasn’t just his good looks, his insatiable need for sex, that made him special. It was the ‘gift’ that he had, from birth. He was born a Wizard, with magical powers of the other realm. Magic, the real kind, was in his blood, his DNA. Just like the Harry Potter movies, it wasn’t all automatic, but the gift, was real.

Unlike the Harry Potter movies, he wasn’t the son of a pair of legends in the world of Witches & Wizards. He wasn’t born to battle some evil Wizard Lord either. For the most part, the ‘other realm’ was no different than the ‘mortal realm’. Just, they could do stuff mere mortals couldn’t.

Which is why JP was to be another notch on his wand, so to speak. All he had to do, was mumble the right incantation, when next to him, and voila, he’d have his opening, his opportunity to get what he craved.  A big cock.

Jesse’s chance didn’t take long, to come about. But then, he knew it wouldn’t.

–         – – – – – – –

Walking down the street, he could see his quarry approaching, readying the spell in his mind. As he came close, saw the eyes, the full package, he uttered the words. And just as he know it would happen, it did.

JP stopped, and stared at Jesse, as he strolled slowly by. His eyes were a little glazed and Jesse could feel them undressing him, once more knowing the spell was doing its magic. He felt the stirring in his crotch, as he heard the cough, then the voice call out to him.

Stopping he stared, as if uncertain who had called, then fixed his eyes on JP. His face lit up, as if he recognized him, from some other place.


‘That is you, Jesse, right?’

‘Uh huh, do I know you?’

‘I think so, weren’t you at Vickeries last fall?’

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