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Detention pt1

Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 06•10
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Detention

Part (1)

Preston was no stranger to Detention. It was almost a given, that most afternoons, you would find him among the other naughty students, writing out lines, or just kicking back. It all depended if detention was supervised, or not.

sexy blond twinkNaturally he preferred the unsupervised version. After all, it was when he could get what he wanted, which was simply, sex. Preston was the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac. He was addicted to cock, and detention afforded him the chance to satisfy that insatiable craving.

Most who attended Detention, where easy marks for Preston. He knew how to get a guy worked up, to then drag out a suggestion that would normally get a fist in his face, but here, would get him a nice juicy dick to suck on.

If he played it right, he’d even get much more. Naturally he had some good lines, refined over years being spent in Detention. It was why he always made sure that for at least two or three days, he was on the Detention List.  And Friday’s were the best time.

dark haired twinkHe could be pretty much guaranteed that there would be no Teacher present, no supervision for a whole 90 or so minutes. Which meant, he’d be able to work his magic, satisfy his desire for cock. This Friday was no exception, he hoped, as there was only one other wayward student on the List.  Aiden, the dark haired hottie from his social’s class.

The guy was elusive, as he was one of those good students, who rarely fucked up, but then, when Preston wanted someone special, he could figure out a way to get them into detention with him. Aiden had eluded his efforts so far, this Senior year, but today was different.

And he hadn’t even had to do anything. Aiden got himself into detention, without any prodding or help from Preston. It was indeed going to be a good Friday he thought, as the assigned teacher, Mr. Hawkins, was notorious for never staying around more than a minute or two, and was always late in coming back to sent them home.  That meant, he had more than 90 minutes to crack Aiden.

Entering the Detention room, he saw that Aiden was already seated, so he took the seat across from him. He was rewarded by a rather warm smile, that surprised Preston, but which he quickly returned. Maybe he wouldn’t need much coaxing, to get that nice full package undone, he thought, as Mr. Hawkins glared at them both, then turned and left.

Aiden burst out laughing, saying he never saw Hawkins move so fast. Preston joined in the laughter, as he stared across at the dark haired youth. He loved how his hair hung down from his forehead, how his face lit up when he smiled, Those white teeth gleaming when he smiled. It gave Preston a hard on, hidden by the desk.

With the door firmly closed, Preston noticed how Aiden was staring at him. It wasn’t a normal stare, but one that made his eyes sparkle, which were not actually staring at his face, but were looking downwards. If he didn’t know better, he’d say Aiden was trying to check out his package.

Which only made him look down himself, but more obvious. He moved his head to the side, and down, staring right under the desk, to check out Aiden’s package. After all, it was what he wanted.  Aiden couldn’t help but notice, and the comment was not what Preston had expected.

Like what you see?

I dunno, hard to tell with that desk in the way.

That can be fixed, what about Hawkins? How long till he shows back up?

Eh, no sweat dude, he won’t back for a good ninety minutes.


Yep, he’s never come back earlier.

You’d know.

Absolutely. The grin across Aiden’s face was almost too much for Preston. Christ, the guy looked so fuckin’ hot with his mouth spread apart in a huge grin. And the way he sat, his legs apart, told Preston there was a nice dick buried under those pants. Only question was, could he finagle Aiden into whipping it out?


Why what?

Why are you always setting yourself up for this place? Don’t you have better places to go after school? Looking directly at Aiden, he pondered a few answers. Somehow, none of the standard one’s seemed appropriate, as he stared at that handsome face. There was something that always intrigued him about Aiden, and he could feel it now.

You want the standard line, or the truth?

Oh, I know the standard bullshit, truth would be nice.

Yeah, why?

I don’t know, it’s always puzzled me, I mean you are pretty smart, yet you always find a way to get sent here. Thought maybe I’d find out why.

Bit nosey of you

Shoot me Bit forward, he thought, but then also rather intoxicating. Could Aiden be that curious, that he’d get himself sent here, just so he could find out Preston’s secret? The guy was on the Honour Role, so he had the smarts, but did he have enough to have figured out his secret? Then too, maybe it was that he was just naturally curious, but looking at that face, all serious and intent, he doubted that was the reason.

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