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Detention pt2

Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 08•10
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Detention

Part (2)

Hmm, looks like I am going first.

Uh, yeah, but shit man, it’s close.

Yep, but look Aiden, you better deliver your part, ‘kay?

Yeah, I will, I keep my word.

Cool, okay well first, let’s get rid of the extra duds. As he spoke, he reached over and took his shirt off, exposing his naked chest to Aiden. It was his usual ploy, to insure he got the full visual.

Pushing his pants down, he pulled the jockey shorts down and under his full balls, to give Aiden a much better view. As he finished, and began to get down on his knees, he saw how Aiden was ready for him. He had his shirt off, the pants off. Only his boxer’s remained, and Preston was certain he’d get those off him too, after a bit of dick slurping.

holding a cockKneeling down, in front of Aiden, Preston reached out to grab hold of the hard cock. He wrapped his fingers around the base, looking up at Aiden. He felt the nervous laughter through his fingers, saw the laughing smile, making him grin back.

tasting a dickAiden expected a hand job, but Preston wasn’t going to waste any time in getting right into it. He moved his blond head forward, his mouth open, and he felt his tongue touch the hot cock head. He felt a sudden jolt through his body, as the cock quivered to his tongue’s touch.

Aiden’s body was quivering a bit, as Preston wrapped his lips over the hot head. He felt the tremors moving up Aiden’s body as he slowly moved his head forward, taking the hard dick further into his moist mouth. It was electrifying, as he felt Aiden’s body respond.

He’d been telling the truth about never doing this before. Preston could feel it, almost as if he was inside Aiden’s mind as the swirling thoughts whirled around. Yet the pleasure he was feeling overwhelmed the sudden fear. He felt Aiden thrust his hips a forward a bit, to get more of his shaft into Preston’s eager mouth.

Relaxing his throat, he let more of the hot dick push inside, down into his throat. He let his hand move up and around the firm butt, grasping at the flesh while he sucked.

Opening his eyes, he stared up at Aiden, saw the pleasure in his face, saw the concentration too. There was no mistaking it, or the growing thickness of the dick, now in his mouth.

He kept sucking, moving his head, while Aiden became more into it all. His hand now held the back of Preston’s head, keeping it from going back too much. There was no doubt, Aiden was into having his dick sucked by a guy.

After several minutes, Preston pulled back, looking up into the amazed face. He could see how much Aiden had been enjoying the blow job.

Your turn for a bit

Uh, but…

It gets tiring, don’t worry, I’ll finish you, but I need to rest my jaw a bit, that’s a big one you got. Aiden blushed a bit, then just smiled. It nearly made Preston want to grab that cock and suck it dry, but there was plenty of time for that. Besides, maybe he’d have a chance to do more than just taste that gorgeous cock.

holding a cockStanding up, he saw how Aiden was hesitating. Smiling he leaned back on the desk behind him, then pulled himself up on it. His legs were spread apart, his balls sticking up from the waistband of the jockey shorts. His cock was fully erect as he looked at Aiden.  The hesitation quickly ended, as Aiden moved closer, and his hand reached out to take hold of Preston’s hard cock.

Lick it a bit first, it’ll make it easier to take then Aiden held Preston’s cock loosely. Still, Preston felt the excitement inside, as the fingers finally began to close around his shaft. Then he saw the dark hair come closer, the tongue touched his head, withdrew a bit, then once again was rubbing the band around his head.

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