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A Haunting pt.1

Written By: Sex Writer - Apr• 12•10
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series A Haunting
  • A Haunting pt.1

Part (1)

Kevin dreaming

Kevin from Bel Ami

Even before his eyes opened, Kevin knew he had that dream again. His lean body was covered in sweat, and his uncut dick was hard as hell, so hard it hurt, which wasn’t normal for him. Only lately, after having that dream, the one he could never quite remember, would he wake up feeling totally drained, covered in perspiration.

His bed sheets were always soaked through, meaning he’d have laundry to do again. His normal sunny disposition, would wait till after he’d showered, had his morning coffee, before asserting itself again. That too told him he had that dream, that he couldn’t remember the details about.

It was a becoming a problem, because it changed his routine, added to his work, when really all he wanted to do was get out and cruise for a hot guy. “Fuck” he thought, as he tossed the sheets off his body, rubbing his eyes and trying to get in the mood to get out of bed.


Kevin cursed to himself, as he stood in line at the Starbucks. Thanks to that damn dream he was running behind his schedule, which meant grabbing a cup of overpriced coffee instead of enjoying his own brew. It wasn’t like it was critical to be on time, but if he wanted to catch the hot guys, he knew he needed to be at the park by a certain time. Otherwise, he’d wind up seeing the old farts with the odd hottie mixed in.

Getting their early, to watch them jog past in those tight Spandex jogging outfits, or loose fitting sweats, made for the early wake up. It always paid off, in at least good jerk off material, for his morning wank. Being on time also meant he could get the right bench, so he could see more of the coming morning joggers, and that meant a longer inspection of their packages.

He loved seeing how so many wore nothing under their sweats, or how the Spandex covered one’s showed so much. His special vantage point, meant he could stare, sip his coffee, without being obvious. And Kevin didn’t like being obvious. That stupid dream was making him late, and the more he tried to remember it, the less he could recall. Plus it made him restless, brought beads of sweat under his arms, and worse, between his legs. He hated that feeling.

‘What will it be?”

Kevin looked up, his mind no longer wandering as he heard the voice. It wasn’t the normal shrill cry he had become used to, and instead of some dolled up cheer leader he was facing a stranger. He gulped as he made his order, taking in the long angular face, the hooked nose and the piercing eyes. A tiny lock of hair hung just over his forehead, and yet it seemed like it belong there.

new waiter

Bel Ami's Sean Berret

The young man, couldn’t be much more than eighteen or nineteen, and Kevin wondered where he had come from. If this place hadn’t been on the way, he’d have tried to find one that had some decent guy waiters, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Like an idiot, he hadn’t even noticed the name tag, but instead he stood there, watching as he moved behind the counter, making his order. The nice slender build was interesting, and the way his butt filled out those black pants, was most intriguing as he watch him move around. For once, he was actually feeling good, judging by the way his dick was starting to warm up in his pants. Not a usual feeling, until at least a couple of hot guys had passed him, but this morning, he was almost feeling back to normal.

The coffee was ready, and Kevin spied a chair off to one side, and moved over to grab it. He knew it would make him late for his park cruising, but something about the guy told him he needed to stay, to watch. The stool was not comfortable, but it did give him a good view behind the front service counter, which was what he wanted.

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