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Welcome to the Family pt1

Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 10•10
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Part (1)

It had been nearly a decade since my folks had died. A car accident had made me an orphan, but that’s a different story. I never knew my relations, other than my Aunt who took me in, and raised me.  She never talked about others, though there were the odd references, if I think about it.

Life wasn’t hard, as my folks had left some money, and my Aunt, in her own right, was rather well off. So my youth wasn’t all that bad. No private school, but I never lacked for anything, material things.  Course, affection, love, those were things she just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give me.

As a gawky teenager, I craved for it, but never got it. Water under the bridge, I thought, until my Aunt fell victim to Cancer. That was just a little while ago, and to my amazement, I was left it all.  She never married, didn’t have any kids, but I gotta tell ya, the reading of her will by some stuffed shirt Barrister, was freaky shit.

That is where I learned I had family, real people including a cousin, who was mentioned in my Aunt’s will.  Phillipe was the name, and for some reason, out of the entire family, he was the only one she mentioned by name. It was odd, but got stranger, when I was told, that I had to personally deliver to him, a sealed envelope, from my Aunt.

No explanation as to why, or even what was in the envelope. Just that if I wanted her money, I had to complete the task, prove it to the satisfaction of the Executor, before I could have one farthing of her estate.  That included the home, and all that went with it.

The Barrister, old Mr. Gosforth, had the airplane ticket, hotel accommodation booked & paid for, and a VISA credit card I could use, while on the journey. He told me it had a limit of €2500.00 and if it ran out, well that was my problem, not his. The hotel would allow me my meals, which would be paid by the estate, but I was only booked for two weeks. Again, my problem if things hadn’t been concluded within that time.

Bottom line, I had two weeks, where I could enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a roof over my head, after which, I was out on the street. I didn’t expect it would take that long, as after all, it was just to deliver Cousin Phillipe a letter, get him to acknowledge I had given it to him, and come back, to claim my inheritance.

A vacation to Prague thrown in, all expenses paid, didn’t seem so terrible.

–         – – – – – – – – –

The hotel wasn’t what you would call five star, but was rather nice. Everything was going like clockwork. The trip was uneventful, and even registering at the quaint old school hotel was almost, well, natural.  That is, until I got into the room.

Before I could even get my shirt off, wash the travel from my eyes, the phone was doing it’s thing. Almost as if it had been just waiting, till I was heading to the small basin and tap.  The shrill ring was like some old Queen screaming, or so it seemed.

Answering it’s piercing cry, I was stunned to hear a strong male voice, asking for me by name.  More surprising, was when the voice introduced himself, as Cousin Phillipe.  I should have expected that, I guess. My mind was still tired, but it seem my Cousin would be arriving at the hotel, at 8pm.

He was quick to suggest we meet in the Lobby, then go for dinner in the Hotel’s dining room. As he put it, might as well enjoy it, as it was free. Now like, how did he know meals were paid for?

That would give me a bit of time, to wash up and change into something fresh. Course it bugged me, at how did he know about the meals in the hotel being paid for, and then too, how the fuck did he know I was even coming to see him? Like it was all too coincidental. While I stripped off my clothes, I realized he had to have been tipped off by my Aunt’s Barrister.

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