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Rent Boy – Chapter 9

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 12•07

Chapter 9

Life is a candle before the wind.

Japanese Proverb Josh sat in the deep rich leather of the chair, looking at the clock, waiting for the time to finally reach quarter past midnight. That was when he could expect Billy to get home from his job. He hated the waiting, especially on Saturday nights. He frowned as he tried to will the time to move faster and almost jumped as the huge hand on the clock

gaystoryman crept past the 11 and signalled that it was still a whole hour and a bit before Billy would be home.

Gordon watched Josh over the edge of his book, his face cracked in a wide smile as he saw the way Josh kept glancing at the clock. He, too, would sneak a peak every now and then as he loved watching it when Billy came home from work.

These last two months had been very special for him. He had learned that love wasn’t just a good hard roll in the sack, but was something that never seemed to end, never seemed to tire, and definitely was always full of surprises. Gordon still laughed silently to himself as he watched the way Billy had changed. How he had grown so quickly into being someone entirely different. There was a deep sense of humour that had been locked into that boy, and now it was making up for all those years of captivity.

It still amazed him at how every Saturday morning he would find Billy in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. It wasn’t just for himself, he was cooking a banquet every morning for him and for Josh, plus he always made sure that he had enough for Gordon. What surprised him the most was that Billy insisted on serving it, even startling poor Manuel in that he insisted that Manual joined them for breakfast.


That first Saturday had been so funny as Billy just stood toe to toe with poor Manuel, telling him to stop fussing and sit down. The poor man almost had a heart attack, sitting with his employer and worse, not even being allowed to help in preparing the food or even in doing the dishes afterwards.

Gordon had been stunned but didn’t argue. There was a new found confidence in his young charge and it made his chest swell out with pride. Secretly he felt he had a small part to play in it, even though he thought it had more to do with Josh. That first night, after his new edicts, had been a wild one.

Even off in his own room he could hear the two boys going at it. He thought they would break the bed the way they groaned and moaned and the way he heard the bed creaking under their gyrations. The next morning, Saturday, was when Billy started his now Saturday ritual of preparing breakfasts.

Gordon hadn’t felt comfortable in letting Billy take the job over at the corner market, specially when it meant working late Friday and Saturday nights, but Josh’s determined face and Billy’s equally firm voice made him give in rather quickly. At first he didn’t understand why Billy was so insistent on taking such a menial job, but he learnt two weeks later just what a good decision it had been.

Gordon leaned back in his chair, the book against his lap as he recalled that Saturday almost two months back. It was Billy’s first pay day from the store and, as usual, he and Josh had been sitting by the fireplace, attempting to read and relax, waiting for Billy to come home.

The clock had struck midnight, and both of them became fidgety as the hands slowly etched their way past quarter after, then twenty after, then half hour after and Josh was becoming a nervous wreck. Gordon spent the next twenty minutes trying to keep Josh from running outside to check the street. He also was feeling as nervous and had decided that when young Billy did arrive home, he would get the lecture of his young life. Funny how you could remember these things, later on, and how your memory of it was so vivid. He chuckled to himself as he recalled how he had felt and how relived he was when just before 1am Billy had walked in.

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