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Welcome to the Family pt2

Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 15•10
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Welcome to the Family

Part (2)

I looked like such a fool, staring at his perfect looking chest. He didn’t seem fazed by it either, as he just smiled at me, moving his hands down his developed chest, down towards his crotch. Now, I am not a prude, plus my sexual experiences weren’t what you would call numerous, or even beyond the experimental stage, when it came to men.

All I knew was, that I like cock, but thought I also liked pussy. Now here was my new cousin, obviously liking me, which made me wonder, was I Gay? Did I have some sort of sign over my head, telling others I was, or was he just hoping?

It was too confusing, as the room seemed to be spinning, as was the situation. I couldn’t help but stare with wide eyed innocence at his crotch. He’d pushed the pants down, even the underwear, which I found myself focused on.

Phillipe teasingIt wasn’t hard, but it looked so nice. I could feel my own dick growing, my body beginning to sweat as I just looked, saying nothing, just glaring.  Like what could I say? Did he expect me to do something or what?

One thing was certain, Phillipe was a tease. How he let his dick show, then quickly turn around, showing off his butt. I never saw such a nice firm ass, like his. He even wiggled it side to side, which got me even warmer under my clothes. It was like, what choice was there, but to take my own shirt off?

firm tushieWe had moved into the suite, the entertaining area of it. The bedroom was off to one side, as Phillipe quickly took advantage of the large chesterfield. Climbing on, he wiggled that ass again, then stood up, showing that his performing had gotten him aroused.

I’d seen some hard dicks, not many. Phillipe had one large dick, least to my nearly virgin eyes. It looked so hard, now that it was sticking straight out. That cock head made me feel excited, yet scared too. Imagining that thing, near my ass, had me in a bit of a cold sweat, but also, a bit, well excited. I knew my own cock was rock hard, which puzzled me a little.

uncut cockAfter all, I thought I was at worse, bisexual, but seeing cousin Phillipe’s cock, well, I had erection before, but nothing like I was experiencing right now. Maybe I was Gay, just not wanting to admit it, or acknowledge it.  After all, I had a rather sheltered existence, with my Aunt.

dropping his pantsPhillipe sat down, yanking his pants all the way off, while staring up at me. His smile made me move in closer, my lips parched. I wanted him, I knew that, yet I was frightened. Was this some put up job, to maybe trap me? Was there maybe something in my Aunt’s will, that he might be trying to exploit?

And yet, I don’t know, he seemed such a fun type guy. He had a smile that made his face look so, well kissable. I don’t know why, but I had this sudden urge to just want to grab him, and kiss him hard full on those luscious lips. To stick my tongue down his throat, but like a nervous Nellie, I hung back.

naked twinkSitting down, fully naked, Phillip spread his legs apart, then grabbed his hard cock. He held it and smiled at me, giving me a quick wink. Damn him, I thought, that smile will make me drop to my knees in 2 seconds, if I don’t watch out.

Like what you see? His voice was unbelievably soft, and enticing. Like he was whispering in the ear of some conquest. I gulped, as I stared at that very erect cock, feeling my resolve weaken.

Yes, I guess I do

Guess? What you not sure if it is good enough, too small for your tastes, perhaps?

I uh, I am just, it looks fine, just uh…

Everyone is nervous, first time with someone new, but that isn’t it, is it Henri? I couldn’t look at him, as I muttered a yes to him, but then glanced up, to see his eyes staring at me. They were filled with a softness, I hadn’t seen before. And I don’t know why, but I stole another glance at his groin, and thought it had gotten even harder & thicker.

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