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Waking Up With Johnny

Written By: Sex Writer - Oct• 18•10

Part (-)

Johnny and I have been together now, for months. It seems longer, but it isn’t. I have never met anyone quite like my Johnny. He is so handsome, so angelic when he sleeps, that I always fall asleep with a hard-on, wake up with one too.

Johnny Camino and Jim BelsonHe’s such a charmer, and we fit together like a glove. There is nothing I won’t do for him, or him me. Least that’s how it seems, and to be honest, I love cuddling next to him at night, waking up that way. Our young bodies just seem to naturally fit together, which is maybe why our mornings are always so special.

Like any guys our age, we dream, are passionate with each other, and just can’t get enough sex. I mean it just seems we are always horny. But for Johnny, and me, the mornings are super special.

I fall asleep dreaming of him, of things we’ve done, but he is Johnny, and his dreams are more out there, than mine. Just looking at his face, at his firm but lithe body, you know he has a mischievous side to him. It was that which attracted me to him, at some after grad party. The way he looked, teased the girls there, and the guys.

You’d have to have been there, but he played everyone attending the party, except me. It kind of made me feel left out, but later, well he told me it was because he wanted me. So he didn’t want to start off by being a super tease, like he had been with Jason, the school’s King Jock.

We don’t do a lot of talking, when Johnny wakes up. He may stretch, yawn a bit, then flip over to look into my eyes. Christ, that alone gets me dripping, which only makes him smile even more.  It also makes him playful, which is why I love the mornings.

Like who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to a hottie like Johnny, and having him want to play with you? Course, he is still sort of in that limbo state, from being asleep to being awake. He can say things, that make no sense, or at other times he can make perfect sense, until the end of his talking.

Was very odd the first few mornings, let me tell you. But I’ve not just gotten used to it, but sometimes, I wake up waiting for it to happen. It is magical, because Johnny will use me, as if I am the guy in his dreams.  He’ll treat me, just like he would if I really were that guy.  And you should hear who he dreams about. Guys that are hot and whose name we don’t know, or the latest heartthrob on television or the movies.

Like when High School Musical came out, both of us were drawn to Zac Efron, the star. I mean he isn’t gay, but hey, in our dreams he was. Which is why it was so great when they made two sequels to that movie. Johnny would dream I was Zac.

Before Johnny, I slept in the nude, but now I sleep with my shorts on, as does he. It isn’t because we are prudes, but when Johnny is in that semi awake state, it is way too much fun, having him grope me through the undies. And I get to grope back, kiss and caress his beautiful body, while he does it back to me.

Wearing the undies, just enhances our morning sex. And when he’s thinking of someone unobtainable, like Zac Efron or those hot brothers who star in Supernatural, well the sex starts off sizzling, and only gets hotter.

morning romanceHe’ll grope my package, then grab my hair and lock lips, hard. His tongue will force through my clenched mouth, to dive deep into my warm mouth. He’ll lick me and pull back, kissing the underside of my chin, before we roll around, and he’s kissing and licking at my stomach. All the time his hand is pushing at my contained package, pushing the hard dick around, stretching the shorts up, to help push my dick.

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