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Rent Boy – Chapter 11

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 13•07

Chapter 11

There is no death, only a change of worlds.

Native American Proverb The morning broke through the darkened room, Gordon sleeping in the chair, his hand still touching that of Josh’s. The light made him blink and squirm in the chair as he opened his eyes to see the day’s beginnings. His heart still ached, but he felt that at least now he had a chance to still make it right. The pendent still lay in Josh’s hand, the tiny silver trinket that somehow had shone beyond its worth last

gaystoryman night.

He shook his head, not sure if what his mind was telling him really happened. There was no explanation for it, but something had foundits way into his soul to give him the strength and the words to say. Gordon stared down at Josh’s sleeping figure, seeing the dark bruises around the eyes, seeing the drawn cheeks as he breathed regularly. His heart ached for the young boy, and he knew that last night’s release was only temporary, for them both. They still had today to face.

As Gordon climbed into his bed, he thought about this last week, and how slowly and painful it had been. At times he thought Josh was coming around, least there was hope. Today he had actually eaten pretty normally, but other than dinner tonight, Josh had more or less stopped eating.

For the most part, Josh had remained sullen, his eyes never far from filling with grief, never far from hardening in some deep dark thought as he went through the motions of existing. Gordon had found him in odd places too, like he was searching for something.


As Gordon crawled into his bed, he wondered if Josh would ever return to the vibrant young man who had first crossed his threshold. He also wondered if he would ever get over the feeling of despair that haunted him as he too walked the seemingly empty house.

Funny, he was so used to living alone, just him and Manuel, and yet ever since Billy and Josh had arrived that morning, the house had seemed fuller, more alive. Now, it seemed cold and forbidding, as if it, too, was in mourning for that sweet laughter that was Billy.

The door to his room opened and he turned his face to see the silhouette of Josh in the doorway. There was something different about Josh, the way he stood erect, not slouched over as he had been all week.

“Something wrong Josh?”

“No… Gordon… I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Well… uh… okay come on in.”

Josh moved into the room, his bathrobe carefully wrapped around his tall angular frame. He softly walked up to the bed, his eyes swivelling, taking in every aspect of the ornate bedroom that was Gordon’s.

“I am sorry Gordon… it is just that tonight, well, I just want some company… can I lay here with you awhile?”

Gordon felt a lump in his throat, the way the soft voice was pleading with him. He felt so needed at that moment, something he had never really felt before. His hands trembled slightly as he opened the blankets up, to let Josh slip in.

Josh tossed his bathrobe off, revealing his perfectly tanned body to Gordon’s aged eyes. There were still some bruises, visible even now a week later. Quietly and slowly he climbed into the large king sized bed and snuggled himself in, moving his lanky frame to lay against Gordon’s portly body.

He could feel the warmth of Gordon’s skin and he could even hear his heart skipping a beat as he wrapped himself up next to Gordon. Josh placed one arm around the massive chest of Gordon and nestled his head on top of Gordon’s shoulder.

“You feeling all right Josh?” Gordon asked softly, his arm wrapped around Josh’s thin shoulder. He felt cold, almost clammy like as if he had been in a cold sweat. His heart had skipped a beat as his body felt the young boy’s legs cover his, his arms move around his ample girth.

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