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My First Time Bottoming

Written By: Sex Writer - Nov• 04•10

Part (-)

Hey, my name is Dallas, and I think I am rather good looking. Sounds conceited, but I work out, have a rather toned body. Okay, I am no muscle bound dude, just a bit buff, or so I’ve been told. The girls certainly seem to like it, but they don’t get it, they simply aren’t my thing. 

I like Men, well guys my own age, and I love to taste their dicks. Sucking dick is something I know I am good at, and to be totally honest, I am good at fucking them too.  They love my cock, because it is thick & above average in length. 

More than that, it doesn’t wilt either. I don’t need any blue pills to get it hard & keep it that way. Which is why I really never have much trouble finding a hot guy to share their body with me. 

Thing is, I don’t take it up the ass. Least, not so far. I am not sure why, maybe it is because when I had my first guy, the way he screamed, when I entered him, scared the crap out of me. I mean, fuck did he yell, though he seemed to keep wanting me to go harder, to ram him harder. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am really into sex with guys. I love feeling their tiny pucker holes squirm, when I rub against it with my hard dick. Hell, I’ve even had a friend, who nearly cums, each time I push my woodie up between his cheeks. The guy just loves the feeling, and yeah, he cries out too, at first. 

I can kind of see why, I mean a guy’s asshole is small, and a cock like mine, is well a lot bigger than that tiny little hole is. It has to hurt, but a friend of mine, Nicco, he says that it doesn’t last, that it becomes something wildly crazy, that just makes you push back each time the other guy pushes in. 

Strange things happen, when I am with another guy. Specially when he is hot, like my bud Nicco. Now, he and I, we’ve done it a few times, which was really satisfying, but the last time, I don’t know. Something was missing, as if there was something we should have done, but didn’t? 

Know what I mean?  You get that feeling after, that maybe you should have done something, but it hadn’t occurred to you at the time?  That is how I felt, last time I did Nicco. 

With Nicco, it is good. Like we don’t plan it, it just happens sometimes when we hang together. He lives across town, so it isn’t like we hang together all the time, but fuck, when we do, things happen. Not always, but maybe that is why I look forward to seeing him. ‘Cuz when it does happen, it is frigging hot. 

french kissingLike we kiss, grope each other as if we want to make sure our dicks are there. I love the feel of his ass, through his pants, and man, when I grab his head, & plant a nice one on his luscious lips, it is like electricity passes between us. He is one fucking good kisser, which I really dig. (I am the one on the left, with the dark curly hair) 

I like to think I am a pretty good at sucking cock, but until you’ve had Nicco’s lips around your throbbing cock, you don’t know what being sucked is really like. The guy is like a fucking vacuum, or so it feels. Yet it is more than that, as his hands are always moving around. 

They clench your butt, squeezing that flesh which only drives your hips forward, impaling your dick even deeper into his warm mouth. That really sends shivers up my spine, but that is only the beginning. I mean, the guy is a cock sucking machine, but he is much more, least I think so. 

He is pretty buff too. I mean I think I am a bit more bulked up, but his muscles aren’t exactly invisible. That and his supple dark skin, makes me quiver. I love working his chest, then moving down and licking his belly. It drives him wild, usually gets him tossing his head backwards.  He moans too, which is sort of a soft guttural sound. Makes me a bit weak in the knees, and his dick, man it always tastes good. He’s got a nice set of balls that I love to suck, one at a time. 

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