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Harvard Freshman

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 06•10

Part (-)

Channing rode up the posh elevator, enjoying the city skyline as he moved up towards the top floor of the luxury hotel. Not often his clients were in such a location, but then, he was particular about who he ‘dated’ and all that stuff. Still, to be visiting a ‘date’ at this hotel was a first for him.

At first, he had thought the caller for his services, was young, given how the voice sounded. Now, he wondered if it would be some old fart, running to obesity, not just flabby. After all, not many younger types could afford this type of hotel, let alone one of the suites, which is where he was headed.

Everything about the place, reminded Channing of money. From the real wood panelling on the elevator, to the crystal pendants around the elevator dome light. The rich uniforms, that were everywhere in the lobby, from the doorman to the sitting bellboys, all showed that at this place, the economic crisis seemed to be just a newspaper headline.

The panelled doors quietly opened, revealing a rather wide expanse, leading to the various corridors and rooms. The ornate wall plaque told him in which direction to walk, and as he moved towards his destination, he couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous.

It wasn’t like he didn’t have wealthy clients, but they were old timers, mostly gray haired men running to flab, retired from the boardrooms and management offices. Some were well off, their homes reflected that, and they all enjoyed a time with someone like him.

Not to be conceited, but he did have a decent look. His hair wasn’t short, but nor did it hang down to his butt. It was always cleaned, and he used the best shampoo and conditioner, no matter what. His lithe body was something he took pride in, insuring it was always clean, and had a nice scent to it, even if he was waken up in the middle of the night, to service a customer. And that wasn’t an easy task, as he was more of a day person, than night, but in this business, you took the jobs, when they came up, or you didn’t pay the rent.

Channing was only 21, stood just under six foot and wasn’t exactly muscular, but you couldn’t see his ribs, or bones sticking out. He had some meat to him, and his arms weren’t exactly pythons, but he could hold his own with some of those Jock types. His green eyes looked like emeralds, or so many told him, and the light dusty brown eyebrows, the roman nose and thin lips, did give him a rather attractive look. The chocolate brown hair, would glimmer in most lights, thanks to his use of two toned color touch up coloring, but it was natural. He didn’t go for changing colors, just insuring it was the best it could be.

The Doorman had looked at him a bit oddly, but then it wasn’t like his caller had told him to dress for the visit, and forgetting just how ritzy the hotel was, he had worn a pair of clean jeans, not too faded, but not fresh. His shirt was one of those skin tight jerseys, that highlighted his chest structure, and the jacket, was just a casual nylon throw on. Nothing special, no little critters adorned either, which is why he got the stares, but he didn’t care.

Approaching the door, he collected himself, wondering what lay behind. His instincts still thought it might be someone younger, which normally meant overweight, or some other physical abnormality. Young hot guys, rarely needed his type of services, though there had been a few.

Channing reached out, knocked twice, waited for a count of two, then knocked once more, as he had been instructed. It was a sign of nervousness, on his client’s part, which he was very familiar with. One more reason to think he was young, despite the opulent surroundings.

He could tell someone was at the door, the instant he finished the last knock. It was like he just knew that the client had been by the door, waiting, and was checking him out. The lock made a soft clunk noise, as the door opened a bit, and a face peered out at him.

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