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Early Christmas Present

Written By: Sex Writer - Dec• 02•10

Part (-)

It had been snowing all day, as Mike drove up to his home. The driveway was filled with snow, and he parked on the street, knowing it’d be easier to get out, come morning. Sighing, he sat in the car, staring at his house. It looked so forlorn, sort of how he felt too.

After all, today was his birthday, and like every other day of the year, it was filled with meetings, decisions, and just plain old routine. Worse, his best friend Colin was out of town on some business crap, meaning no bar hopping, no celebration.

Turning 37 was becoming a real bore, as no one at the office seemed to notice. Then again, ever since he’d moved up to assistant regional manager, not many in the office were sociable.

Least Colin didn’t give a damn what his position was, which is why they were best friends. Ever since they met back in grade school, and all the way up till now.  Hell, it was Colin who knew Mike was gay, before Mike did. And it didn’t freak him either. That was saying something.

He sure wished Mike was here now, to help him celebrate another year of being single, unsatisfied, and perpetually horny. Colin would get him out of the funk, but not this year. Besides, Christmas was only 10 days away, maybe then they’d go hit the local meat market, pick up some eager beaver.

With it being close to Christmas, there were a lot of young beef out there, looking for extra cash. Something he had a bit of. Course Colin had a bit more, being the workaholic he was, along with his Dad’s trust account. Still, it would be nice, to be able to cuddle with some hunky blond, or anyone who wasn’t older than Methuselah.  

Seems that was all he was attracting these days. He didn’t think he was that bad looking. Least he didn’t have a belly, and he did work out two or three times a week. His body wasn’t exactly a mass of rippling muscles, but he wasn’t a cream puff either.

His hair was not short, bit longish for a guy in middle management, but he was never really a conformist. It was the same look he had, since High School.  Leaning back in his car seat, he realized how much he missed those days, because back then, he had no trouble finding companionship.

For him, that meant getting his dick sucked, having a nice tight hole to fuck. Lately, he had to resort to checking out escort ads in the local rag, or slipping the bouncer, at the local bar, a few bucks to give him a heads up when a working boy walked in.

The car was getting cold, plus the snow was beginning to cover the windshield, which meant time to get his sorry ass out, and into the comfort of his small house. Pulling the collar of his coat up, he grimaced from the cold, thinking that even owning his own house, hadn’t improved his sex life much.

You’d think that a guy who makes a good salary, pretty safe in job security, owning his own home, driving a nice newish sports car, would be attractive to someone. Still, the self pity was becoming boring, as he unlocked the front door, thinking of maybe getting the fire stoked up and roaring. A bit of hot chocolate, or better yet, a hot rum toddy, might help ease the frustration.

As he opened the door, it hit him. He wasn’t alone.

Fear gripped him, because there had been a rash of home invasions in the area, that always left the home owner spending time at the Hospital. Still, he’d give a good account, he thought, as he slowly let his briefcase down, and slipped his overcoat off. If he was to get into a fight, he needed to have his arms free and able to move.

The house smelled different too. He breathed in, realizing that he was smelling burning cedar, and the room had that smoky look to it. His heart was still pounding, as he moved quietly down the entranceway, to look into his living room.

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