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Hook Line and Sinker

Written By: Sex Writer - Dec• 10•10

Part (-)

Laying here, feeling my breath get weaker, feeling the slight tremors in my heart, I know what is coming. I used to fear it, but now, about all I can do is simply accept the inevitable. Life is what it is, but as my eyes grow dim, the mind is still working, still showing me, all that once was.

They say that as one gets older, (not like hitting 40 or even 50, but old as in when you get past 70) that all you really have left, is your memories.  At my age, I think they are right, as the body does tend to wear out a bit, but still, if one was lucky to have loved, and be loved, sometimes you have more than just memories.

Sometimes you have someone to hold your hand, to lean next to you, as the ravages of old age take their toll. Course, when they too, have succumbed to reality, then I guess it is just the memories that are left.

Even with your eyes closed, you can still see the flame of the candle slowly flickering, as the wax is nearly gone. You sigh, feel the ache in your chest, but it is your mind that makes you smile, in spite of it all.

sexy Czech blond twinkYou see him, just as clearly as if that day was only yesterday, even though you know it was decades earlier. You can see his smirk, that tell tale smile across his beautiful face. The way his eyes sparkle with a mischievous look, that made you turn your head, noticing him among all the others in the room.

The way his blond hair fall across his forehead, how his eyes seemed to be locked on you, making you pump your chest out a bit, made you even wipe your palms on your blue jeans. To have someone like him, staring at you, gave your heart a bit of a spur, your body suddenly becoming rigid.

At first you never thought he was actually looking at you, as you turned around, checking everyone in his gaze, looking for who he might actually be looking at. Then it hits you, he really was staring at you.

Your mind still hadn’t quite grasped that concept, but you felt your throat constrict, felt the pain in your chest as the possibility that someone like him, would spend even a second looking at you. Fear gripped you, wondering if maybe it was because you were gross looking, or had something on your face, that attracted him, in a perverse way.

Self depreciation was common for you, after all you were no Adonis, and you had to be at least ten years older than him. You knew your hair was thinning, while his was in full bloom. Full, thick, and rich looking even in the darkness of the room.

He had a well toned body, while you had more than just a small paunch. Your body wasn’t quite a temple, but more like a testament to fast foods. His, well, you just knew he didn’t have to work out, that it was all natural no matter what he ate.

Still, that little lurking thought, that he really was looking at you, with something other than disgust, made you smile. And as you did, you saw him smile back. The heart quickened, as your feet started to guide you through the mass of people between you and him. He didn’t move, didn’t turn away, but instead just grinned a bit more. A crooked little grin, curling a corner of his mouth, that only made you quicken your pace.

How could someone like him be watching you, even waiting for you to make a move? It didn’t seem real, as you got closer, noticing how he filled out his shirt, with the natural firmness of his torso. Everything about him, made you feel a bit weak in the knees, as you got closer.

Moving closer, you could see the thin lips in that curl. The eyes seemed to be looking right into your very soul, and nothing around you, seemed to register, just his handsome face staring at you. How intoxicating it felt, to feel those eyes touching you.

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