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Day of Wrath 6

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 15•11
This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 6

Every now and then the waves would rock the wooden platform and he’d search for the boat that caused it. They always seemed so far off and yet all he did was just stare out at them, raised slightly on his elbows to peer out. It been like that since he first swam out to this, the farthest swimming platform he could find. Even now he wasn’t quite sure why he had come this far. It wasn’t like he really was all that good at swimming but he thought he’d burn off the nervousness that seemed to be gnawing at his insides.

The day hadn’t really started well either. The pounding on his apartment door so early combined with one more restless sleep didn’t help much. The fact that it was the building super coming to yell only capped it off. Long & short of it was that he now had to move once more. Funny, it wasn’t really like he didn’t make enough money to pay just that he had as usual let his party behaviour get in the way of taking care of business.

Actually that really wasn’t the truth and he stared out at the wide blue ocean that glittered and shimmered before him. Being honest was not something he relished but he knew himself too well, one more reason to have maybe ignored that doctor’s advice, but he hadn’t. Now he was faced once more with the truth. He was always prompt at the beginning and made doubly sure he always had money to pay rent until life got what he called comfortable.

Always, when he was at a place he generally kept to himself at first. Then as the tips came in, the friendships grew he began to party harder. It was his way of avoiding the intimacy that somehow he had a love hate relationship for. He was smart enough to know that but it didn’t stop him from doing it every single time he felt he was getting to close. Now with Carl and others showing something he hadn’t expected he had once more put himself into the soup. He simply hadn’t paid the rent, even though this time the money was in the bank.

The combination of not drinking or going out and keeping to himself had worked for the whole week, but he had instinctively failed to pay the rent. Now he was out on his ass, well, not fully. The super had given him till next week to find a place in return for a half months rent in cash. He knew that the cash would never find its way to the building owners but he really didn’t care. Besides the place had nothing to hold him but some bare walls and a closet full of clothes.

What was eating at him was this time he didn’t just want to suddenly be gone. This time he didn’t really want to simply move on without telling anyone. He felt strange in knowing that he genuinely would miss Carl and the others at the bar. Hell he’d even miss Terry and some of the other more regular customers for themselves and not for the tips they gave him. Still he had left himself little choices. It wouldn’t be easy to find a place close by to the bar and he really had no one he could seriously move in with or get help from.

Okay that maybe wasn’t exactly true either. Carl probably could help him find a place. Still here he was, his day off and all he could think of was to suddenly come down to the ocean and go swimming. It wasn’t like he really liked swimming just that being out in the water helped him think. He liked the solitude that the water seemed to give him. He had come here, swimming out farther than maybe what was safe or practical even just to let his mind wander.

Deep down inside he knew why he had come this far but the sun was so bright, so filled with life that he couldn’t even admit to the notion that swirled around inside of him. He hated feeling this way, hated the constant thoughts that seemed to always come to him at times like this. He needed a drink he thought and yet he knew that that was just another excuse. He didn’t need the drink he just wanted to stop tormenting himself, just wanted to stop thinking.

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