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Day of Wrath 7

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 22•11
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Chapter 7

He glanced up at the large clock over the time cards and his heart skipped a beat or two as Ashley realized that it was nearing 8 o’clock . It was his first week working here but that isn’t what him excited. Ever since Carl had found him this job working the grill at the burger stand at exactly 8 every night Terry showed up. It was the highlight of his day and actually made him feel excited.

It felt strange that first night, cooking a burger with cheese and bacon for the guy he knew he was in love with. What was maybe a bit stranger was that Terry actually showed up. He still couldn’t believe it and then the next night had only made it seem even more special. Now it was almost expected though Terry never said much or indicated that he would be here the next night.

Despite all of Terry’s reasons for not wanting to get involved Ashley knew that somehow it was going to happen. Why else would Terry show up every night now? Why would he make sure to sit in front at the counter so he could see him? It had to be that Terry felt for him like he felt for Terry. It just was going to take time for him to show Terry that he didn’t care about what Terry did for Terry to let go.

That first night had been something special. He still wasn’t sure how or why but he knew that for now at least, he had a chance. With Terry coming here every night since he was almost positive of it. There was no hard evidence that things would go how he wanted but he just seemed to know it would. It was like there was this voice inside that kept reassuring him. Felt kind of neat but at times it scared him too.

He was smart enough to know that in many ways he was being obsessive about Terry. Yet how could he not be? Christ Terry had everything that pushed all of Ashley’s buttons. Just thinking of him would give him the hardest erection he had ever experienced. Shit, jerking off to the image of Terry was like blasting off to the moon on a space ship or something. The force of his ejaculations actually hurt at times but he didn’t care, because it was about Terry.

There was just something about hearing his voice, about seeing the way his eyes would get a glint whenever they managed to make eye contact. Ashley knew it in his heart and he couldn’t wait for when Terry would accept it like he had. He could see the way Terry would try to fight it, yet the few times they had managed to go to the bar together he had seen how he would warn people off.

It felt kind of weird actually. There was so much he wanted to know, wanted to ask but he also didn’t want to push his luck. Ever since that first night there had been a change in Terry. When they had gone to the bar together, they talked and had maybe two or three drinks. Free offers of drinks came the second night just as the first but they quickly ceased coming shortly afterwards.

Ashley was fairly certain that Terry had said something to Rob or Carl or maybe both. Free drinks just never showed up now which was nice.  What really felt better was that Terry never left to go with someone else even for an hour or two.  It wasn’t that Terry had stopped hustling, just that he didn’t do it in front of Ashley when they were together.

His shift was from 4 to midnight . Terry would show up at 8 and then leave by half past or quarter to. Then at about half past midnight he’d meet Ashley out front and together they would go to the bar. He never asked but he knew that whatever business Terry did, he did before they met at midnight .

It was kind of flattering to think that Terry would try to keep him from seeing it. Still it bugged him a bit. Okay maybe he was naïve about some things, maybe he was even a bit idealistic about life but didn’t Terry get it? He loved him for him not for his body or anything like that. He really didn’t care what Terry did for money as long as it was what Terry wanted.

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