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Rent Boy 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11
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Chapter 1

Josh sat there, his eyes carefully watching the changes in Darren’s facial expressions. He watched the way Darren looked everywhere but at him. Josh had certainly dropped a bombshell onto Darren’s plate, but he couldn’t keep it a secret from him. He had no choice, and Darren had pressed it. He waited, with a sinking heart as Darren’s face showed the struggle going on within.

As he waited, his brain went back to over 7 years ago. He didn’t think he looked much different now as he did then, except maybe he was more filled out. He still was a good looking 6 foot tall blond, his body maybe was more defined, more muscular, but he still only weighed a solid 170 lbs, and he did work out every day.

That was a far cry from when he left the farm 7 years ago, on his 18th birthday. He grimaced slightly as he remembered that 1st year on the road, all alone and abandoned, so to speak. It was funny how the brain went back in time, while you waited for your future to explode in your face.

Josh looked at Darren, saw his green eyes glazed over as he was digesting all that he had just been told. He watched the way his lips were, sort of jutting outwards now, trembling a little, and yet he knew that it wasn’t from excitement, but from the inner struggle going on. His own eyes, a piercing blue, were now distant as his brain dredged up old news. He could see flashing before him that cold October day when he left his family and headed off from the farm down the road towards where he was now.

He sat back in the cushioned dining chair, waiting for Darren’s struggle to end. As he did, he leapt backwards in time to that day, seven years ago, as he strode down the road past the old mailbox, past the weathered fence that he had mended time in and time out ever since he was old enough to pound a nail. He could see the long trail down the highway as he walked in his old tattered jacket, waiting for some traffic to try and hitch a ride so his escape would be quicker.

He must of been walking for several hours before the first sign of ride came barrelling down the old highway. It was an old style 5 ton truck and as it went past, he managed to stick his thumb out for a lift. The truck, with a tired old squeal of brakes and dust, stopped a few hundred feet up the road. Josh ran forward, and climbed up to get in.

“Whoa there partner,” a deep southern voice called out. “Where are your manners?”

“Uh, sorry, I am Josh.”

“Yeah well, that’s nice there Josh, but where you heading?”

“Anywhere that’s away from here,” he replied.

“Uh, huh, so you heading anywhere, well you prepared to pay the freight there kid, this is no free bus service,” the driver answered.

Josh, his hand still on the open door, looked at the driver of the truck. He was about in his mid 30′s, a scraggly beard covered his face, but his eyes were a steel grey in colour and they stared hard at him. He suddenly realized that those eyes weren’t looking at him, but instead were concentrated firmly on his crotch.

“Well there Mr. Josh, you gonna answer, I got me a schedule to keep, so you want the ride, you gotta pay the price, what’s it gonna be kid?”

“ I don’t have any money,” he replied, trying to buy himself time.

“Money? No, but you got something else you can pay with.”

“I don’t do that,” he said, his voice shaking somewhat trying to figure a way out.

“Then you don’t ride kid, so make up your mind, first time for everything.”

“Uh, well, what exactly do I have to do?”

The driver looked at Josh, taking in his young body, the way his clothes hung on him, and that lovely sweet basket of his. He liked his job, driving the back roads instead of the super highways always brought him some entertainment. He specially loved those young farm boys, running from home. Their milk was always sweet and they never caused trouble. This one looked really inviting, and he could almost taste that young fresh virgin dick buried in those faded jeans.

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