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Rent Boy 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11
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They drove on, the miles passing by quickly. Billy liked country music, and the cd player was going as they drove on. Conversation didn’t happen much as they made their way west. Josh was able to nap some, and he felt more at ease. At least he didn’t have to have some old geezer digging in his pants this time around. Mind you, he wouldn’t mind so much if Billy wanted to. He was cute and Josh loved his smile and his eyes; they were so intriguing, he found himself staring at them often as the hours flew by.

He woke up with a start. For a second he didn’t know where he was and then he realized he was in Billy’s truck, but as he came more awake, he noticed that it was cold inside, and they were parked. He looked out to see that they were in a parking lot, another truck stop. He could see the blinking sign and smell the diesel fumes. Night had fallen and he could see that it was getting colder. Josh wondered where Billy had gotten to, and he shivered some. He hunched up into his jacket, trying to keep warm and wondering if he should maybe go and look for Billy, but decided the risk of being left behind wasn’t worth it.

The night wore on, and his stomach growled something fierce. He

thought about getting out and checking out a sandwich or something, but he wanted to hold onto his money for as long as possible. He also was afraid that Billy would return, find him gone, and take off. He liked Billy, and so far, well they just seemed to click. He looked outside, staring off down the parking lot when he saw a truck door from one of the huge rigs open and a figure jump down. He thought it looked like Billy but wasn’t sure. The figure looked around then headed for the café. Josh stayed put, looking out at the clear night, the stars blinking above and the din of trucks running their motors while their owner’s either slept or ate.

He was feeling miserable as the night seemed to drag on. He was cold and hungry but he thought he might as well get used to it until he could get to a city, get a job and earn some money. He jumped as the truck door opened, and Billy’s face peered in.

“Hey you’re awake, well take this stuff while I get this beast gassed up, help yourself to some coffee and there’s a burger inside for you.”

Josh was stunned. He was grateful for the hot coffee and he drank it slowly, savouring not its flavour but the heat. He was hesitant about rooting around for the burger, even though his stomach seemed to be more insistent. No one had been this nice to him for a long time. Small tears formed in the corner’s of his eyes, which he wiped away quickly, before Billy could notice them.

Josh thought about Billy, he was different. He didn’t look like he was gay, and he certainly didn’t act like it, yet there was no doubt he was doing something for those truck driver’s that had to be sexual. He was curious, but afraid to ask. Billy finished filling the beast with gas, paid the attendant, and walked back to the truck. He could see Josh’s silhouette and he smiled. Now, there was a real cute one, and so damn innocent too. He might make a good partner, someone he could rely on, and who knows, maybe even care for?

He watched the way Billy moved around. He seemed so confident the way he walked, his shoulders upright, his back straight, and he didn’t keep his head down. He walked proud, that was it, like his dad used to until cancer lay claim to him. He walked proud.

“So, how’s the food?” Billy asked as he climbed inside and got the truck started.

“Ah, I don’t know, I, well, I waited for you.”

Billy looked over at Josh. No one ever waited for him, at least not long, and certainly not for the reasons that Josh did. He smiled at him, and dug into the bag and handed him a burger and took one for himself.

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