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Rent Boy 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

The silence was deafening to Billy. He stared ahead as he drove on, small tiny flakes of snow were starting to fall and he concentrated on his driving. He heard a small sniffling sound every now and then, and knew his monologue had hit some hard spots. He wanted it that way, maybe Josh would be one who would not get eaten alive by the streets.

Josh’s heart was in pain. He didn’t know Billy, and yet he felt like he should. He was attracted to him and his thoughts weren’t of just having sex, but of being with him. There was a difference in his mind. He knew it was most likely puppy love or some type of infatuation, but this guy had picked him up, fed him, and now tried to warn him off of taking a hard road in life. He also felt admiration for Billy. He had survived those horrors, and it didn’t look like it had scarred him too badly.

“You okay Josh?” he asked softly.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, but you look like a nice enough guy, just thought you should know, that’s all, come on, you all right?”

“I’m okay,” he replied.

“I didn’t mean to cry, it is just that, well, you seemed so hurt and all, and I, well, I don’t know how to comfort you. I sort of, well, feel so helpless, how… I guess I am just not used to this,” he finished lamely.

Billy’s head spun as the words came quietly from the far corner. He was crying for me? No one cried for him, not for a long time if ever. His hardened heart started to ache and he glanced quickly over at Josh, saw the innocence in the blue eyes, the concern written all over his fresh young face. He was telling the truth, as unbelievable as that seemed.

Josh watched different emotions wash across Billy’s face. He wished he could reach out and hug him, but he knew that would only makes things worse. He wanted to show Billy that he cared, and he wracked his brain for a way.

As he was thinking, his hand, acting on its own, stretched outwards, and rested on Billy’s leg, just sitting there, barely touching. A strange warmth seemed to flow through his body as his hand made contact with Billy.

Billy felt a sudden charge of electricity. His body quivered slightly as he felt Josh’s hand touch his leg. It was like being hit by lightning. He hadn’t felt this way in a long, long time, and never like this.

He slowed down, his eyes became clouded from small tears forming. This wasn’t happening, it couldn’t. He had spent a lifetime making sure it wouldn’t and now, out of the blue here it was. Billy glanced over to Josh, and he saw something he had only dreamed of, and then it was a long time ago. He saw compassion and honest concern for him.

There were no words, nothing would come from his mouth. He was taken aback by the sudden rush of emotions that flooded his brain. He reached down with his own hand, placing it on top of Josh’s. He felt the warm hand, and a prevailing sense of peace started to flow up from his hand. His whole body gave a small shudder as he felt the soft skin of Josh’s hand.

The sounds of the road were muted as they drove on. The swish of the wipers was no longer clear and distinct. The snowy slush being pushed aside by the tires no longer invaded their space. The silence was different, more charged, more alive, as if it was merely an interlude to something far more intense.

Billy didn’t know what to do. His whole body seemed to scream at him, to stop and kiss this young blond that had invaded his space and pierced his thick armour plating. He wanted to, he knew that, but for the first time he felt his loneliness, his fears and he was afraid.

Josh didn’t know why his hand had moved to Billy’s leg, but he was glad it had. He had never felt so much inner warmth as he was feeling now. The ache in his heart seemed to ease as his hand found comfort in resting on Billy’s leg. He could sense the struggle going on inside of Billy, and he lightly squeezed the leg, as if to reassure the tall stranger that had found him.

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