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Rent Boy 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

Willingly, he followed Billy out of the bathroom, into the bedroom. His own penis was fully erect, his heart pounding inside his chest, as he was guided over to the bed.

He lay there, looking up at Billy’s smiling face. Billy leaned down, his face smiling, his body still dripping water, and he kissed Josh lightly on the lips, then rose up again.

Josh almost passed out. The touch of Billy’s full lips on his was like a thousand watts of power entering his body. He twitched with the touch, and his heart almost broke free from its cage. His eyes blinked and fluttered as his mind tried to keep everything in balance.

He looked up and Billy had disappeared from his view. He blinked again and saw the bathroom light go off. He raised himself on his arms and there was Billy, with two towels. He dropped one by the bed, then he took the other and started to dry himself off, standing in front, so Josh could watch. He had the biggest smile on his face that only made him more desirable.

Billy wrapped the towel around his backside, gently pulling it back and forth to dry off his back. As he did, his whole body moved and Josh stared, transfixed by the motion and by Billy’s body. He saw a small bright pink scar along his left nipple, and another one by his right thigh. He looked at the slightly deformed nipple to the right, and he saw the way some of his pubic hair seemed lighter than the other.

Josh stared as Billy continued to dry himself off. He watched the long thick cock move from side to side between Billy’s legs. He couldn’t take his eyes off that large cock. The way the head stood out, glistening in the rooms light. With his heart pounding he licked his lips as he thought of actually tasting his first real cock.

He wasn’t in a hurry as he dried himself off. Billy took his time, letting Josh enjoy his body. Most of the time he kept his eyes closed as he rubbed himself off, but when he did open them, he found himself gazing into a pair of wide eyed blue orbs that shone with desire. It quickened his heart beat.

Josh couldn’t believe the way his body shook. This was an entirely new feeling for him as he watched Billy dry himself off. His heart was pounding and he thought he would pass out from lack of air. His chest heaved as he saw the way the large cock moved and he reached down to feel his own throbbing cock. He could feel the pre-cum oozing out from his tip already, and he knew that he would be shooting his load very quickly.

Billy could tell that Josh was losing his control. He didn’t understand how his body could have such an affect on him, but then as he dried his own genitals off, and felt his own pre-cum, he jumped back a step. It dawned on him, that this was the first time that he was going to be having sex with someone that actually mattered. This wasn’t a show or a business deal, this was real and he now understood why Josh was close to his first orgasm.

He dropped the towel, and reached across to turn off the light by the bed. As he did, he moved in closer to Josh, laying there, and his penis touched Josh’s arm. It was like being hit by a thunderbolt, and he started to tremble as his body absorbed the energy from that touch. He could feel his balls suddenly rise up, tightening under his throbbing penis. His heart was skipping beats every few pumps, and his chest started to feel very tight and he became short of breath, and all this was from a light touch of his dick against Josh.

The light was off, and he sat down on the bed. Only a small table lamp burned over on the table by the door, but he didn’t want to go and turn it off. It cast a pale yellow glow into the room. The bed creaked as he sat next to Josh. He stared down into those eyes, and that innocent face. He bent himself down, to kiss the mouth, and as he did, Josh raised his own arms upwards, to place them around Billy’s shoulders.

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