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Rent Boy 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

His stomach gurgled and he felt rather dizzy as the smells from the café wafted over to him. He was starved, and he had a few dollars, but he wanted to save what little money he had. Maybe if he talked to the truck driver, and he threw in some food, well, maybe he would do it one more time.

He stood up and started to walk towards the café when he spotted the truck driver. Josh was about to call out to him when he noticed that he was heading towards the bushes with another person, a tall thin looking guy with long hair.

Well, guess that’s out, he thought. There wasn’t much doubt what they were heading off to do. He went and sat back down at the curb side, wondering what he should do next. He needed a ride, that was for sure. Well, at least he had a better chance of getting one from here.

He was dozing off, the warmth of the café made him relaxed and the hot coffee that he had grudgingly indulged in was helping too. He knew he couldn’t just stay here, and he shook himself awake. Surveying the parking lot, there weren’t many options.

Slowly he got himself together, flinging his back pack over his shoulder. He paid the bill and headed outside, to stand by the roadway, and see if he could hitch another ride to somewhere.

He thought about the truck driver who had already left. He didn’t even notice him return or anything but he saw the truck pull out and his heart sank. If he had only been faster, he might have been able to wangle some food out of the guy and be on the road again. So what if he had to have that guy suck him off, at least his stomach wouldn’t be growling now, and he wouldn’t be heading to stand in the friggin cold, waiting for a ride.

An old battered blue pick up truck pulled away from the gas pumps. Josh watched it slowly turn around, and pull up to the exit bay. He saw a long hair figure inside, and noticed the plates were out of state.

The truck pulled onto the highway and came up to where Josh was standing. It pulled in, and the door opened, a voice boomed out from within.

“Hey, where you heading man?”

“As far as I can go from here.”

The voice laughed, and told him to climb on in. As he did, he saw the figure was a young man, long flowing hair and a thin build. This was the guy he saw walking away with the truck driver earlier. His heart sank a bit, but he was glad to get out of the cold weather.

“Name is Billy, what’s yours?” the driver asked, as he stuck his

hand out to shake Josh’s.

“Uh, Josh,” he replied, shaking the hand that was firm and he looked into the face to see warm brown eyes gazing at him. Billy had a nice smile on his face that highlighted his long face.

“So you new to the road?”

“Yeah, first day out, you?”

“Nah, been on my own since I was 14, now just heading back to where its warm.”

“14? How old are you now?”

“21, you?”


“Hmm, farm boy?”

“Uh yeah, you?”

“Not for a long, long time. Not since I was maybe 12 or so, those were good times though.”

Billy seemed to lose himself for a moment, his driving was mechanical as he was recalling a time long past.

“Uh, so what do you do now? I mean, to get by with?”

Billy laughed as he looked more closely at Josh. He saw a young 18 but someone with brains. He wondered what his story was?

“Well, you could say I get by on whatever it takes to get by on.”

Josh looked at Billy as he spoke. He saw his eyes, and how they seemed to cloud over at times and other times seemed to be so warm and inviting. He was a handsome looking guy, good strong features that gave a slight stir to Josh’s crotch. He certainly was more like what Josh had hoped his first man would be.

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