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Rent Boy 3

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 02•11
This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

Chapter 3

Slowly he managed to clear his eyes of the haunting vision of Billy’s face. He really did love him, more than anyone would ever know or could ever understand. He looked at Darren and while he did love him, it was different, it wasn’t the carefree free wheeling love that he had shared with Billy, but it was love.

Josh drank most of the brandy in one gulp then raised his glass to get it filled up again. As Darren reached across to get the glass, their hands touched. Josh felt something that he had never felt before, a small tremor of compassion seemed to run through his hand into his body.

While Darren was filling up his glass, he started to speak about how they moved on from their love nest, the old motel.

They had spent another day and night at the motel room, barely leaving it’s warmth and comfort for the outside. Their only foray out was for food and that was done in a rush, so they could spend every possible second together alone in bed.

It was on their last night at the motel that Billy started talking about the road ahead. He was so bashful, the way he would hem and haw before he finally said what was on his mind.

“Josh, are you really sure you want to hang around with someone like me?”

Billy was in a serious mood now. They had just finished loving each other for the umpteenth time; but then again, it really wasn’t that many, it was merely that each time was a continuation of what had started only a few short days ago. Billy wanted Josh to be with him, it was hard for him to even think of being separated, but he had to make sure, he had to know that Josh had no illusions of what a life with him meant. Josh had dreaded this time. He knew it would come up eventually, but why now, when everything was going so perfectly?

He lay on the bed, stretched out and exhausted from their recent meeting of their souls, at least that was how he thought of it. He looked over to Billy, saw the way he avoided eye contact and knew they


couldn’t put this off any longer.

“All I know Billy is that I have never felt so wanted and loved in all my life, and I can’t…”

Billy sat up in the bed and he looked over at Josh. He was studying him, as if seeing him for the first time.

When he had said he loved him, his heart had jumped. Funny how such a little word could make such an impact on a person. The thing was, in his line of work, he heard that all the time, from all sorts, even the ones who were into the kink stuff. They always said that as they paddled his ass or jabbed a cigarette into his balls. Yeah, love, but with Josh, it had a new meaning for him.

Josh waited patiently. He could see some of the unspoken marks on Billy’s body and he expected that he would soon learn more about them, maybe even more than he wanted to. He saw the way Billy’s eyes were, and the way his face was set. It was strange for him, to see the sudden mood swings that came over Billy. One second they could be laughing and joking, the next he could see pure animal hate in those brooding eyes, other times it was fear, real and almost touchable. So, he waited.

“How come you haven’t asked me how I got the money for gas, food and even this hotel Josh? Is it that you don’t care or just not the curious type?”

“I kind of have it figured out.”

“Yeah? and what have you figured out?”

“Do we have to go into this Billy? I mean what difference does it make as long as we have each other and are together.”

“It matters, believe me it does. Now, just what is it that you figure I did to get the money… come on.”

“Well, I guess you did what I did with the truck driver that brought me to the truck stop where we met. You, uh, well, you let the guy, uh suck your dick.”

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