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Rent Boy 5

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 14•11
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Chapter 5

 Josh had a sheepish grin on his face as he gazed affectionately into Billy’s dark eyes. He couldn’t even recall where he was, just that he was with someone who actually cared for him. He could feel the love, actually touch it as it wrapped itself around his thin naked body.

Billy could only hear the gentle slapping sound of the water against the pool’s edge’s. He saw his man, bathed in the golden glow of the afternoon setting sun, and his heart felt nothing but pure joy at the sight. This was something he had never really experienced, for all of his years being on his own. It was something he was never going to let go of, least not willingly.

He reached out, gingerly to touch the hot sweating body in front


of him. The touch was like grabbing hold of a shimmering bolt of lightning, but he held it and together they simply turned to the pool and dove in. The crisp coolness of the water helped to calm their aching hearts and ease the burdens of their souls. For a brief time, nothing existed in the world but the two of them.

Splashing and laughing they swam the pool length and back again, finally clinging to the cement edge near the diving board. Their eyes still deeply locked into the other’s. For them, the world no longer intruded into their thoughts. Billy couldn’t think of anything but of watching his man swim in the crystal clear blue of the water. It was as if, well as if time had stood still. Life involved only himself and Josh. He had a smile on his face that if any of his friends had seen, they would of sworn he was drunk or on some heavy drugs. The white of his teeth seemed to sparkle as he kept his gaze affixed to Josh’s face.

They paddled back and forth, always touching whenever possible. Time had no meaning and all that they cared about was enjoying the carefree time together. Back and forth they swam, walked, floated. It was a memory that each boy was searing into their brains for later, when times would be rough or bad, so that they could have something to conjure up to ease the pain.

The world finally started to intrude onto their thoughts and with the sun setting over the trees of the yard, they both came back down to earth. Billy noticed that they were alone and he got up out of the pool to go and rest in one of the many chaise lounges scattered around the pool. The warmth of the late sun warmed him immediately and he watched Josh swim a few more times around the pool.

He saw the thin pale body knifing through the calm blue of the water, his body almost pure white but a few more days of this and he would have a great tan. Billy lay on a towel, his body almost dried as Josh finally had enough of splashing around on his own and he rose up out of the pool. He saw first the head, the blonde hair matted down towards his shoulder’s, his lanky chest next, almost hairless but you could see the beginnings of chest hair in the deep ‘v’ of the body.

Josh rose up, his muscles tight as he hefted himself up. He brought his legs up, showing a clear view of his groin towards the reclining Billy. As he smiled towards his lover, he couldn’t help but notice the way Billy’s own softened penis was already stirring once again. He never thought he could have too much sex, and it looked like he would put that thought to the test. God, he looked so damn handsome, laying there.

His whole body was dripping as he padded over towards Billy. He shook his head as he walked, sending small showers of spray all over. Josh managed to take in the massive patio and saw chairs but no Gordon. Well, that was okay, he wanted to just sit next to Billy for now, and forget everything else.

He pulled a lounge chair of his own up next to Billy, and reached down to kiss his man. It was so unreal, the way he felt the need to always be close to Billy or to touch him whenever there was an opportunity. Guess that is what they meant by ‘honeymooner’s’ and he certainly was enjoying it. He lay down on the chair, a towel under him but letting the sun warm his body as he closed his eyes. He felt Billy reach over and take his hand and together they lay there, hand in hand, sunning themselves and just being together.

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