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Day of Wrath 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 26•11
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 8

Ashley kept looking at him but all he did was smile back at him. He knew he was acting goofy but he didn’t care. Tonight was his night to be what he always wanted to be, just an ordinary person in love and feeling happy. Terry couldn’t help it and even the parting with Ken at the burger shop had been different.

Thinking about it brought another grin to his face as they were a few minutes late and Ashley was already standing outside waiting. Terry felt the lump rise in his pants and noticed out of the corner of his eye that Ken had noticed it as well. He only smiled and grinned at the older man. As he left the car he turned back in and grabbed Ken’s face and planted one hard kiss on his surprised lips. He tasted the salt from the tears that both of them had shed on this quick trip. It made him feel so alive that he wondered why he had never done this before. Of course the answer was simply, he hadn’t met Ashley then.

It was quite the stare he got too when he turned away from Ken and looked at Ashley. He could see the pain in the boy’s face and more than that he could see a tinge of jealousy as well. Funny that he thought but then he just grinned at Ashley and slapped him on the shoulder asking if he was ready to hit the bar. Terry thought that he would split a gut at the way Ashley winced from the hard tap and all  he did was nod in agreement.

Walking the short distance to the bar Terry had started to whistle. It was a first and even made Ashley question if he was high or something. Funny, he never really thought about it but then he had turned to Ashley and smiled.

Yep, higher than shit on life, you should try it, great buzz

Uh really, sounds like you had a good uh, appointment.

Sure did, best ever. Ken’s a nice guy, have to introduce you sometime, I’ll tell you about it, if you want?

Really? I mean… yeah sure.

Cool, but first we get a drink and then I’ll tell you all about it, okay?

Uh, okay.

Terry could see the confusion his comments had given Ashley but somehow he just knew that when he told him what he wanted to, Ashley would either faint or shriek. Of course there was the chance he would simply walk out but those dark thoughts didn’t seem to carry much weight at this moment. Something had changed inside of him. Maybe it was that he had finally surrendered to the emotions that had been bottled up for so long or maybe it was something else. He wasn’t sure but he kind of liked how he was feeling tonight.

The sheer joy of being free from being alone was something you couldn’t put a price on. He had felt that when Ashley’s love had managed to finally reach him earlier. Then Ken’s own brand of love had only cemented it for him. Terry had never felt this good before, not even when he was with Paul. Sure they had their own type of love but it was always tainted by their parents. If it wasn’t the shrew of a mother or the psychotic ramblings of their father then it was the hypocrisy of their step dad.

He had whistled all the way to the bar. Other than their brief little conversation Terry had kept his mouth just humming. Ashley was obviously confused but all Terry could think about was how it would be to hold him, to feel his breath on his and know it was for eternity. The simply idea of being with Ashley no longer terrified him. Oh sure he knew there were risks and that life wouldn’t be simple, but he didn’t care. Terry knew that Ashley was meant for him and him for Ashley. That was what really mattered and he was acting how he felt. It was like he was on top of the world and no one could knock him from his perch.

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