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Jock’s Private Victory Party

Written By: Sex Writer - Jan• 20•11

Part (-)

Phoenix laid back against the locker, as the last of his teammates left. He smiled, knowing that everyone was off to the big Victory party, and he was alone. No one else was here, nor would anyone return either. The party would take care of that. He had the place to himself, a perk of being the Quarterback of the new State Champions. 

uncut blond

Liam Phoenix from Bel Ami

Stretching out his full 6ft 1in frame, he let the moment sink in. They had done it, despite the odds. Then too, he had always known that they would. It wasn’t over confidence, just that he wasn’t the dumb jock, most thought. He had a good brain to go with his firm body, and developing muscles. 

His blond hair, brown eyes, belied the fact that he had a good IQ to go with his athletic abilities. One reason why he had the pick of Colleges to attend, now that the season was over, and he was leaving High School as a Champion. More than that, tonight he was finally going to give in to his own personal needs. 

No keeping up the pretences, no deception tonight. This was his time to celebrate, and for once in his teenage life, he was going to do what he wanted, not what everyone expected, and assumed.  No head cheerleader for him this night, no drunken display at some lame ass victory part. Tonight he was going to be what he was, a horny young man, in need of some hot man on man sex. 

He glanced up at the clock, noticing that he still had about fifteen minutes, before his special treat would be arriving. A smile crossed his face, as his hand moved down his firm body, feeling the excitement growing. His legs twitched as his hand rested on the towel, that covered his crotch. His uncut cock was already stirring. 

Phoenix wasn’t sure if it was the afterglow from winning the game, or the anticipation of what was to come. He had known about Justin since his Junior year, but only now, had he felt comfortable, in bringing that knowledge, to a satisfactory solution, to his own little problem. 

See, no one suspected that the big blond stud Quarterback, the Romeo of Lincoln High, was really a fag. No one guessed that this popular stud, was really into sucking cock, or having a dick driven up his ass. He had the brains, to have managed to keep the deception, but now, it was all over. No longer did he feel the need to hide it, as the job was done. 

He’d secured his scholarship, to exactly where he wanted to go, and it would surprise all of his teachers too. They had all assumed he’d be off to Texas A&M, but that was what he wanted everyone to think. The smile grew as he thought about how he had gotten not an athletic scholarship, but actually gotten into the College of his choice, through his Academic record. 

His teachers hadn’t even noticed, at just how good he was, academically. Typical small town thinking, he thought. All they could see was that he was a Jock, that through him, they would have glory on the sacred soil of the Football field. Well, he had given them that, but now, was going to give himself exactly what he had secretly craved, which was a Life of his own. 

One he could call his own, one devoid of having to worry about pleasing others. Now he could concentrate on his own needs, of finding out just what his future would be, based on his interests, his cravings. No more having to satisfy the wishes of the local owner of the Diner, or the guy who ran the gas station. 

When graduation came, he’d take his diploma, give his Valedictorian speech, and be gone on the last bus out of town. He’d be on a plane by the time they all realized that he was gone. He wouldn’t miss any of them, not even his father. It hadn’t been easy living with the man, ever since his mother had died when he was twelve. 

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