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Lanai North

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 06•11
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So let me tell you a story. My name is Bill, and I am a Floridian (damn I hate that term, makes me think of some chemical that makes you glow in the dark) with a twist. I’ve been around the block once or twice, as they say, which is just a polite way of saying I am no spring chicken. In fact, come Valentine’s Day, I will be sixty six years.

Now, that don’t make me dead, either. I have a damn good sex drive, and I do okay. Like I am only 164 pounds, stand tall at 6 foot 1 and bit inches, and yes, I have all my own teeth, and still have a fair bit of hair on head. Okay, it is grey, but hey, I am nearly sixty six.

I’ve seen lots of things, do a fair bit of travelling, because frankly, Florida is boring at times. That, and I do like to experience new things, new cultures. Yes, that does mean I enjoy all kinds of men, though my tastes are for twinks. Those hot young men, just eighteen or nineteen. Doesn’t mean I won’t hook up with an older guy, in his thirties, just I like twinks.

Hell, down here in Florida, I have a few regular men that I see, who are long past being called Twinks. Though you’d not think so, from a quick look at them. Golden skin, nice firm bodies, but one is nearing forty, the other friend, he’s going to be 33 next month. As for those in their late teens and early twenties, well there have been a few over the years, not many.

My youth was spent like many of my generation, in a place called Viet Nam. Not a pretty time, and after that, well it was the Academic Life for me. And that too, was not an easy task. Back then, single male teachers were suspect. After all, can’t have the precious youth corrupted by some deviant fag, which is what homosexuals were thought of, back then.

Things have changed, so they say, but still, not easy down here in Bush Country. I mean come on this is Florida. Again, one of the main reasons I love to travel, which brings me to my story.

Most of heard of the “Snow Birds” which is a term us Floridians use, to refer to all those pale white Canadians that come flocking down here, at the first sign of snow up in their Country. Well, can you blame them? I mean who wants to spend months in sub zero weather, when you can bask in sunshine with temperatures in the 90’s?

As you can tell, I do tend to natter, but you need to know this stuff, so you’ll appreciate the story I have about Frankie.  Not to leap ahead, but damn is he a cutie. Small in stature, turned just eighteen when I met him, and damn, is he sweet to look at.

But, that’s for a bit later. I mean you have to understand, I like America, but at times, it just frustrates the hell out of me. Another reason I love to travel, which a few years back to me to Victoria, on the west coast of Canada.  No, not in the winter either, but for a few weeks in July.

It impressed me so much, that I now have myself a summer house up there. I guess you’d call me a ‘Snow Bird in Reverse’ or something. Anyhow, that ten day trek up there a few years back, had me getting more twink action, than I had in almost 2 years of being in Florida.

The motel I stayed at, overlooked a park, and had a nice outside patio set up. I enjoy sitting out and smoking one of my cigars, with a glass of wine or maybe even a shot of Bourbon. And let me say, that first night, the scenery that passed that motel, was stunning. 

More than that, they were all so damn friendly. Even the ones who didn’t stop, all seemed to be happy and easy going. One guy passed by, saw me sitting in the deck chair, and just waved. Then there was Andrew, who not just waved, but even muttered a hello. That was the first night, the second night, well, let’s just say that he was very talented, and nicely hung too.

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