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Lanai North John

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 06•11
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Part (John)

I was rather surprised at how quickly I managed to settle into my summer house in Victoria. More surprised at how good it felt, to just sit out on the balcony, enjoying the parade of young manhood every day. Frankie may have had something to do with that, as he did keep on dropping by.

He even brought some friends with him, and you know, they were all rather charming. Straight, and while the subject of sex, other than their latest tussle with a girl or two, never really came up. I think they knew, but unlike most of the straight young men back in Florida, it didn’t seem to matter to them.

Least they never led on that it did, and they did return, which speaks volumes. Maybe it is the clear air, or something about Canada, but it seemed like being Gay, was not as big an issue as it is back home. Maybe that is also why I became so relaxed?

Weekends became a treat. I mean Frankie was really very good at landscaping, and to be honest, just being in his presence was comforting. I mean to see him bending over, in those tight jeans, no shirt on, digging away. And yes, there were other benefits that arose some days. Yet one could never be certain, if it would. He was, after all, a true free spirit.

I liked that about him. Plus, I really wasn’t into relationships. I just wanted to enjoy retirement, sampling all that might come my way. Frankie didn’t seem to mind either, which was refreshing. Sex with that eighteen year old, was to say the least, exciting. One never knew what he would do, or crave. Made it challenging, in a good way. Kept an old codger like me on my toes, which in turn kept my heart ticking. So it really was a win, win, situation.

Unlike the normal perception of older men, I like my sex, and once a week, if Frankie was in the mood, just wasn’t enough to keep my motor finely tuned. Like a Kentucky Derby winner, I need lots of practice. You can’t expect to win the Derby by racing once a week or so. You have to get out there, run the track daily.

sexy muscled hunk strippingWhich brings me to John.

Now John is different than Frankie. For starters, he is a bit older, though by how much, damned if I know. He is most likely around 22 or so, least I think so. Other than age, he isn’t a short guy, and has a lot more muscle definition to him.

Don’t get me wrong, Frankie is fairly buff too, but not if you compared him side by side with John. John is also, well more deliberate in his sex, than Frankie. He also is a bit more, shall we say reserved?

First met John down at the local liquor store. No, he wasn’t working there, but a customer. Not even sure how the conversation started, but he offered to give me a lift back to my place. I guess he was taking pity on an old guy, with a big bag of wine.

(  yes, I do enjoy a nice glass or two of decent red wine with my meals. I am not much of a drinker, but every now & then I do like my shot of Bourbon at night.  Not often. A good bottle can last me a year or more, but wine, well, it is good for you, so I do try to have at least one glass every day or so. ) The liquor store isn’t far away either, but hell, to be sitting next to John, who would refuse? He smelled nice too, had that sort of fresh scrubbed scent that I enjoy. Not much of a hint of cologne, just that, which I tend to like. Besides, those bottles were heavy, and my new summer retreat is a good three blocks away. They are rather long blocks, as John said, when I told him it wasn’t necessary.

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