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Peel My Banana

Written By: Sex Writer - Jun• 11•11
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Peel My Banana
  • Peel My Banana

Part ( Unsheathing My Sword )

Branden finally sighed, as he put his trail bike down, next to the big tree. His feet were sore, his body ached, and worse, he stunk from sweat and grime. It had been a long trek down the hillside, to the edge of the river. The sun was setting, as he breathed in the fresh musky air.

Strange how the air smelled so much better in the countryside, than in the city. He stretched, loosening up the kinks in his back, as he looked over the spot he’d chosen to make camp for the night. The city wasn’t far off, but far enough to not be reachable before darkness.

The sound of the river running made him smile. He needed a quick dip, before it got cool. Days of pedalling that damn bike, had made him stink, more than he could handle. He may be a healthy 19, but those hills weren’t exactly little bumps, and the trail wasn’t human friendly.

Hell, he lost count how many times his just over six foot frame had been snagged by some thorny branches. Never mind how his rather longish curly blond hair had been snagged, when he had stupidly ridden without his helmet on. Man, that had been dumb, but it was so hot under it, he needed to feel the air blowing through his hair.

Wasn’t that he was vain either, but he liked it when his hair flowed in a small breeze. Back in town, when the wind blew, he loved how some would turn their heads, to watch. Too bad he was on the shy side, as some of those guys were frigging hot. You’d think that a guy 19 would be more, well, outgoing.

Not him, he had to endure more alone time, than he wanted, all because he didn’t have the nerve to start a conversation with someone that grabbed his attention. And boy, there had been some lookers. Nor was he exactly confined to just other guys his age. He liked all sorts of men, from his own age, to those even in their fifties.

Like that Terry fellow back home. Man he was hot, for a man of 54, and did he have a body on him. Only trouble was, he was uncut, but that didn’t really bother him. He was a top and Terry a bottom, so it all worked out, sort of.

Problem was, he was uncut, so he knew how to work the foreskin, how to play with it, so it would be more enjoyable. Oh he liked it when it finally got all nice and taut, but he was one of those strange teenagers, who liked a bit of fun, first. It wasn’t all about having a few quick pulls, then slamming it into some tight hole.

He maybe shy, at the start, but give him the right guy, the right mood, and he was a fucking tiger. He liked to touch, to kiss, and be touched, kissed, fondled with. Branden loved to have his balls sucked, loved to be rimmed even, though he’d only experienced it twice, so far.

Gawd that made him so horny, to feel a guy’s tongue up his ass, swirling around inside his tight nearly virgin hole. He laughed as he strode down to the river bank, thinking about how was still a little bit a virgin. Made him crack up as he sat down by the river’s edge, watching the cool water lap up against the grassy bank.

Being honest with himself, it wasn’t that he was a virgin in having something up his ass. He did own a dildo, and did enjoy having it up his ass, when he jerked his 7 inches of manhood, but let a guy put his own dick there, well, he got rather uppity about that. Honestly, he just didn’t think he could handle the pain of penetration, when he couldn’t control it.

He’d tried one of those super sized dildos, and fuck, he couldn’t get the head of it in, let alone that rubber shaft. Like it hurt way too much, plus it made his dick go soft. Now that, he really didn’t like. Besides, the feeling of his unsheathed cock pushing past a nice tight pucker hole, was still a sensation that made him quiver.

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