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Lanai North Hillside Mall

Written By: Sex Writer - Jul• 17•11
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Part ( Hillside Mall )

Oh where do I begin on this latest escapade? I mean honestly, I am in love with Canada, and yes, Canadian boys. I mean to begin with, even an old geezer like me has a chance with some sexy little thing, as it just seems Canadian guys don’t give a damn about a person’s age, but are more into what that person is like.

Let me tell y’all, it sure as hell ( did I say that? Darn, there goes another mark against my application for Sainthood ) isn’t like that down home, in the Good O’le US of A.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do enjoy the fine young men, especially some of those I’ve found on the nice beaches of Florida, but when it comes to attitude, those Canadian hotties got them all pretty well beat.

Take my little sojorn to the local shopping mall, close to my summer residence up here in Victoria. They call it Hillside Shopping Center, mainly because it’s on Hillside Avenue.

Now it isn’t what you’d call a super large mall, but I gotta tell you, the scenery is damn nice. No, I don’t mean plants, or anything so boring. I am talking about young men. Eye Candy if you will, and what has me floored, is how damn friendly they are.

I mean like you go walking down and spot one, and stare a little, and instead of an angry glare, you get a coy little smile. It is like, damn, they like being ogled at.  Now that is way different than back home. Sure, some do like being stared at, but you know, that’s usually in one of those pick up bars, and I don’t frequent them. After all, how would that look on my Sainthood Application?

One of the signs of being elderly, is frequent bathroom breaks. Course, in my case, it is the damn pills I have to take. And well, a guy just can’t go shopping without a stop or two at the restroom. Now don’t go thinking I go there cruising either, because that just isn’t the case. Honest, you can trust me, I never voted for Bush, either George or Jeb.

Anyhow, last week I was visiting the Mall, checking out this store called Zellers. Sort of a Target type operation, and they do have some good prices. Hey, one thing about living up here, it isn’t cheap. I don’t know how the people manage, but they do.

Well, nature called, as it usually does just when I wish it wouldn’t, but fortunately there is a rather nice public washroom, right by the mall entrance to Zellers.  Now I bet you figure this little tale is about what happened inside, but hey, I told you, I don’t do that sort of thing.  Besides, it didn’t happen inside, but well, on the way out, let me tell you what happened.

You have to visualize the place. Big open area, then a sort of narrow corridor that leads to the main door to the washrooms. I had been inside, accomplished my mission, and as I came out, back into the hall, I wound up bumping into this drop dead gorgeous creature.

Like there was no way to prevent it. He was going in, just as I was pushing the door to go out, and well, the law of physics ya know. Now, back home, well, the young pup would have made some rude comment about us older types, but not this hottie.

sexy young twinkAnd when I say hottie, I do mean hot. Like to begin with, he had the nicest face I’d ever seen. Very lean looking facial structure, with nice eyes, and short cropped blond hair. A diamond stud earring didn’t escape my notice, nor the brilliant white smile either. Like think about it. Here I am, bumping into him, knocking him backwards, and he’s not pissed, but smiling.

More than that, this cute young man had a most enthralling voice. It wasn’t shrill, nor too deep, but the perfect pitch, as he apologized.

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