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The Locker – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 11•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series The Locker

Chapter 8

Part 1

Noah took the thin package from Dakota’s sweating hand and he leaned back onto the hard legs that rested under him. He could feel the warm flesh as his naked buttocks rested carefully onto Dakota’s strong legs. He could feel the heat from his own body growing hotter with each passing beat of his heart; feel the desire welling up even more inside as he fumbled with the thin plastic package in his hand.

His eyes shimmered as he stared down at Dakota’s long lean body, the shimmering golden flesh of Dakota’s chest only made his heart ache more, made the throb deep down in his rectum grow stronger as he finally opened the thin package and held the thin coated condom in his shaking fingers. Noah wanted it to be right as he tried to keep his thoughts focused but he couldn’t help himself, stealing glances at Dakota’s face and body.

Looking down as he moved his hand to his side he saw the shimmering golden flesh of Dakota’s chest move up and then down as Dakota’s lungs continued to suck in the rich warm night air. He saw the way the tiny beads of sweat continued to glimmer and shake with each heave of that perfect chest and he wasn’t sure if the illusion was from the sweat that still trickled down from his forehead or if it was from the tiny perfectly clear tears that welled up at the corners of his eyes as he thought about the moment passed and the moment to come. His whole body tingled with excitement as he continued to gaze downwards, continued to drink in the perfectly formed body that now rested beneath his own youthful frame.

Nothing seemed to exist, no other sounds but the steady thumb of his own heart echoed within his head and yet even that seemed muted by the moment. He could see the thin outline of ribs pushing up against the flesh, see the flat washboard stomach with rippling muscles holding tight rein within and he could feel the heat now, the hot burning heat that was rising up from just in front of his own belly and groin.

Dakota’s shoulder length hair was matted and spread all over behind his head against the dark wooden floor and yet to Noah it looked like a crown of dark gold. His heart skipped a beat as he stole a quick glance upwards and peered into the rich deep chocolate eyes, feeling the sudden beat of Dakota’s heart next to his and in that moment his fears, his hesitations were gone and as he lowered his head, he stared down at Dakota’s throbbing manhood.

What had held him paralyzed all week including earlier no longer looked so menacing, instead it appeared before him as a way to become a part of the boy he loved, a way for him to join once more with that beating heart that nestled next to his own. He could see his trembling fingers moving from his side now and he shimmied his body down a bit more, his hot flesh sticking but gradually moving down Dakota’s perfectly still body.

His other hand came up from the other side; his fingers extended as he ran the tips of two fingers slowly down the rippling belly following the small tufts of hair towards that giant throbbing organ that stood perfectly straight. It towered above the golden flesh and Noah could see the matted dark hair that encased the base of the huge throbbing pole. His fingers moved down the flesh, feeling Dakota’s body shudder to his touch and his own heart beginning to race faster with the excitement, with the thrill of Dakota’s response. It was all amazing to him, more spectacular than any dream he had ever had and yet as the warm wind blew across his own nakedness, he could feel the fires within growing, the flames flickering once more at his own flesh and turning it into a steaming mass of molten skin.

Noah could feel Dakota’s eyes boring in on his head, feel him as he slowly reached the 2-¼ inch thick base of Dakota’s penis. He felt the legs shake under his body, his own knees responding by digging into the hot sticky flesh harder as he held on, knowing that soon he would feel more than a soft heave or buck. The touch of his fingertip against the base made his own heart tremble and he could hear himself sucking in the warm night air as he let the finger rest against the hot sizzling pole. His eyes continued to shimmer as more sweat dripped down from his forehead but still he could see the huge penis, the deep thick vein that jutted out from underneath it pulsing as his finger slowly moved up the opposite side. His eyes widened as he saw the vein thicken as more blood was pumped into it and all he could think of was how it would feel nestled deep inside of him, how it would make his own velvet muscles tingle to its touch.

His eyes moved up the long shimmering pole, the deep mottled purplish flesh stretched so tight that it made each vein, each artery jut out clearly and yet as he stared at it, all he could think of was how it would feel to squeeze it with his own never before touched insides. To hold it within his very own body was a thought that no longer frightened him but which he urgently wanted to feel, to experience and yet he held back, deliberately forcing his mind to stare at the thick throbbing pole, to take ever inch of that beautiful organ and etch it forever into his memory. He wanted to see it even when it was buried within him and so he took his time, letting his mind photograph each inch, each artery, each pulsing vein until finally his eyes were glued to the very tip of that mountain.

He licked his lips as he saw the slow ooze of pre cum that came from the widened slit at the top of the bulbous head. The deep rich purple colour of the cock head only heightened by the soft milky white of the liquid that slowly came out, gently flowing around the rounded top and then ever so slowly moved down the sloped head towards the vein studded shaft that was as rigid as a granite slab. Each slow crawl of that liquid only made the ache inside of his rectum grow and deep within his body he felt the fires being stoked, felt the enormous rush of heat that came to his body and even as he stared at the thick head, the long thick pole, he felt the hot fire of his own pre cum once more dripping from his own spent cock. His lungs sucked in the rich warm night air, filling every space of his lungs and then more as he reached out with his hand and held the throbbing pole between his fingers, slowly wrapping each finger around the thick base.

With the huge cock held within his grasp, he could feel Dakota’s body growing harder by the second. His eyes no longer were clear as more sweat dripped down and joined the tears of anticipation that still sprung from them. His other hand now moved upwards and he saw the blurred shape of the round disk, saw it gently come up and then down onto the still oozing cream. He felt the sticky touch of the pre cum as he rested the round condom on top, slowly letting it conform to the oval shape of the purple coloured cock head. His hand shook to the electric shock that came from the hard throbbing pole and yet he held on, keeping it straight as his own heart began to race faster, the blood beginning to once more rush in a fury of desire deep within his own veins.

Noah’s body shuddered as the force of Dakota’s desire and need came to him and mingled with his own aching desire and the thin plastic sheath was suddenly unrolled and his fingers were pushing past his hand, pushing the thin coating down deep into the hot moist matted pubic hairs that surrounded Dakota’s trembling cock. He felt the rumble coming, felt the passion as his own body responded in kind. He could feel his own penis dripping and yet he could also feel the warmth of his rectum too, the feel of sweat that had trickled down his spine to flow thru his two cheeks, to run down his valley where soon Dakota’s pulsing pole of passion would soon be nestled.

His hand stayed around the throbbing pole for a mere second or two as his head lifted up and he stared back up along Dakota’s trembling body. He could see the muscles inside the belly sucking in the golden flesh, see Dakota’s ribs sticking up even more as Dakota’s lungs eagerly sucked in the air. He could feel his own passion rising as he looked down to see the thin dry lips and then the flaring nostrils until finally his eyes rested on Dakota’s own eyes. They shone like a beacon in the dark of night and there was no star in the sky that could equal the brilliance of that shine either as Noah slowly moved his body upwards, slowly moved up beyond the hot throbbing organ that waited to impale itself deep into his body.

Now his knees rested against Dakota’s side, the knees digging into the hard flesh and he could feel the muscles rippling underneath, feel their coiled strength as he leaned forward so that his head now peered up and over Dakota’s face. He stared down at him, seeing nothing but love which only quickened the beat of his heart. His eyes looked fully into Dakota’s and he felt a warmth unlike any he had ever felt before. He could hear his eyes asking him, making sure it was what he desired and he could hear the answer as his hand reached down and found the thick throbbing pole. He sat upright, the pulsing pole in one hand, the other resting to one side of Dakota’s body as he lifted upwards, his buttocks now high up in the air over Dakota’s groin and his eyes grew blank for a moment, a strange thought of how it must be to be in love and then suddenly he felt the pain reaching for him, the hard stinging pain as his body lowered down, the thick throbbing pole wedged hard into the valley of his buttocks.

His mouth flew open to allow the excruciating pain to have a voice but even before he could scream, even before the hard ripping pain could find a home in his body he felt the love rising up inside and instead of a cry of pain, instead of a shriek of agony he heard his voice crying out for more, felt his body shudder and shake as it no longer hesitated but instead flung itself further down onto the hard thick pole that now spread him apart like steel thru butter. His whole body rocked to the sudden impaling of Dakota’s thick pole into his own virgin rectum.

As the pain of entry threatened to overwhelm him he saw Dakota’s face. Noah’s head had flung itself backwards, his face stretched taut by the waves of immense pain that came rushing inside of him and yet he could see that face now, see the eyes as they stared at him, see the smile that would sometimes curl across Dakota’s mouth when he was happy. Images of him driving with his hair blowing in the wind as he turned a corner or how he leaned against a wall while waiting all came to him as the thick throbbing pole filled his insides, stretched his velvet lining beyond capacity and made his muscles squeal in terror as they were pushed aside and made to move aside from the thick pulsing shaft that now dominated his insides.

Just as he could suddenly see Dakota’s face it was gone and this time as he felt the wave of pain coming to him he could see that hard thick cock glimmering in front of his eyes. He saw the thickened veins and the way they pulsed as blood rushing thru the insides and as he saw that he felt it now, felt that thickened veins of Dakota’s penis pushing into his insides, felt the warm pulse of blood as it pushed thru the veins towards that trembling orb that seemed to be growing thicker and hotter as it ploughed deeply into his body.

His cries were shouts of joy now as he could feel Dakota, feel not just the hard thrust of his penis but the wild beat of his heart, the shrieks of his soul, the immense thunder of his spirit as they all came rushing into his body with each push, with each thrust of that weapon into his body. The sounds of Dakota invaded his innermost thoughts just as Dakota’s penis invaded his virgin body. The muscles no longer protested but instead rejoiced as they felt the heat of passion that came with the wild beat of Dakota’s heart and soul. Noah felt the tears now, felt them rolling down his face unheeded as his own body twisted and turned on the huge pole that it rested on.

The pain was gone, replaced by the excitement of suddenly no longer being alone, of no longer being unsure. No more did he fear who he was or what he was as he felt the blood rushing thru every vein and artery that wrapped around the thick pulsing pole. His body was Dakota’s just as Dakota’s was his and he knew it now, knew it for certain as he squeezed his knees in tighter, Dakota’s voice echoing in his ears as he cried out his love, his need for Noah.

They didn’t hear the flutter of birds that rose from around them, frightened by the passion of their union. They could hear nothing but the thunder of their love as their hearts joined as one. Noah’s body continued to slide up and down the trembling pole that linked them together and with each thrust of his body, he could feel the love embracing him, feel its raw power even as he flung his hips to one side, jerking and twisting to squeeze and hug tightly the pole that was impaled inside of him. His mind could only think of how good it felt, at how hot he was and at how much he loved the full feeling that kept running through his body.

Every part of him ached as he rocked from side to side each time he thrust his body down hard into Dakota’s groin. Each time he pushed to where even the boards beneath them groaned from the pressure he could only feel nothing but a sense of love, of desire that made the pain seem non existent, almost as if it was just a passing pin prick even as his body suddenly found itself in a field surrounded by nothing but warmth and love. His mind couldn’t explain it but his heart understood as it pounded faster and faster as it pushed his blood harder, making it rush to and fro in time with the urgent beat and push coming from Dakota’s own thundering heart. He could hear him, feel his thoughts even as their bodies continued to crush into each other, as Dakota’s hard throbbing pole continued to tear deep into his body, touching him where no other living being had ever been before. He felt it and more than that he could see it now, see the hard thick pole slicing thru his insides as he rocked to one side, as he lifted up for a second and then slammed his own body back down, as the huge thick pole split his innards and cruised deeper with each thrust, each push, each jolt.

His breath grew shorter as he felt his body become a blur of motion, the speed increasing as he dug hard into Dakota’s soft fleshy sides, the bone crushing inwards to rub against Dakota’s own bones. The pain growing as his excitement rose and his lungs ached for air and yet still the beat of his heart only grew faster, only grew more insistent as he rose up and then pushed down in an increasing fury of desire and passion. His tongue hung from the corner of his mouth as his eyes took on a glazed look and still the image of that hard thick pole stayed with him, even growing in size and in detail as his body let the hard pole dig deeper and deeper inside.

Dakota’s voice crying out didn’t even register nor did the sound of his own strident cries make a dent on his thoughts as he felt the hot thick pole slicing and digging into his body. He could feel the pain now, the wonderful pain of passion that filled him with each thrust, each push and he only urged his body onwards, desperate for more, eager to have more as his body continued its wild gyrations, continued to squeeze and hug and tug at the thick throbbing pole the jerked from side to side deep within his bowels. His whole body shook and he felt the wave of tremors that coursed thru his body, reaching his toes and his fingertips and even the very edges of each strand of his hair as he felt Dakota’s love fill him, nurture him and hold him.

Sweat became a river of hot steaming water that flowed all down his body, running across his heaving chest and cascading down onto Dakota’s own raging torrent of sweat. He could hear the distant sound of the streams of water that flowed off his body and yet it only made him go faster, made him desire even more as his body began to tremble, as his own throbbing cock continued to be hard and full despite already having exploded all across Dakota’s chest. The sweat mingled from his body with Dakota’s was barely halted or slowed by the dried cake of his cream that only heightened his passion and drove Dakota to push up harder to greet each downward thrust of Noah’s own body. He could feel the hot liquid as it rolled down his back and swirled around the mountains that were his cheeks, the flesh directing the roaring river of liquid to flow down between them, deep down into his valley where it would come up against the huge pulsing pole that flew in and out of him. Each stream only sizzling and turning to steam as it ran up against the hot burning flesh that was being forced deep into Noah’s body.

Dakota’s cries finally reached thru and Noah felt the sudden thrust as Dakota heaved upwards in one huge giant push that only drove his 8 inch long pole deeper than even Noah thought possible. He could almost taste the burning flesh as it pressed hard deep inside of him, his knees quivered as they hung on, digging harder and harder into Dakota’s body as his head rolled from side to side. He could feel the vein suddenly double in size, feel the blood boiling as it raced thru and he felt the hard bang as the huge thick cock head jerked from side to side deep within his body. He felt it and felt the hot juice flooding out, held back from his own insides by the thin plastic but he could still feel it, still feel its force as it pushed the plastic up and off the fiery cock head but it held as his legs squeezed harder, his muscles finally grabbing hold of the jerking penis insides.

The harsh sound of Dakota struggling to breath mingled with his own exhausted huffs for air as his body could no longer move, the pain replaced by the dull throb of exhaustion as he felt himself falling forward, his body no longer able to support itself upright as the thick throbbing pole continued to jerk from side to side, as it continued to explode its milk that now thickened and stretched the plastic sheath all around it. Noah could feel the thick streams as they rolled down the throbbing pole, feel the hot milky cream turning to steam as it rolled against the sizzling flesh that burned inside of him. His mouth was open and his tongue felt parched and dry as his body finally rested on top of the heaving molten flesh of Dakota’s chest. The huge cock no longer buried deep into his body, a vast emptiness now filling his mind as he tried to move, to get his own exhausted body off the heaving chest, desperate for air as he tried to put into thoughts what had just happened to him.

The warm night air continued to gently blow across the two heaving bodies and the birds that had been frightened off slowly returned, once more to nestle in the trees and brush as the wild sounds of passion no longer scared them, no longer pierced the calm quiet of the night. The stars high up in the heavens continued to twinkle and shine down upon the sweat glistening flesh of the two boys as the only sound now that could be heard was that of their bodies slowly trying to recover, slowly trying to regain a state of composure.

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