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The Locker – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 11•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series The Locker

Part 2

The echo of his heart’s thundering noise still danced in his ears and in his mind as he lay there, his body consumed by the wild gyrations still even though they had long since stopped. He couldn’t believe how he could still feel every second no, every millisecond of that time when he was buried deep into Noah’s twisting and turning body. His mind still reeled from the site of Noah’s head rolling around on his shoulders, the eyes blazing in a sort of wild colour of blue with white that seemed to leap out every other heart beat. It was still amazing to him as he felt his chest still heaving, still struggling for air even though the time had long since past that he needed every breath, every molecule of oxygen and yet still he could barely control his breathing.

He had given up trying to speak, to even move really as his body was pinned to the floor not by Noah’s weight but by the sheer utter exhaustion he felt in every part of his body. His legs felt like lead, his arms were so weighted down he was certain that the entire tree had fallen in on him and yet he knew nothing rested on top of his gleaming naked body except the draped arm of Noah. God how that felt to have that limp arm laid across his still heaving chest and yet despite the feeling of unbearable weight on his body, the feel of Noah’s arm wasn’t like any weight at all, more like a feather gently floating on top of his skin. He could feel the matted tiny hairs that he had on his chest tingle with the wind’s breeze or was it from Noah’s closeness?

Dakota couldn’t be sure which it was and for his money he was fairly certain it was Noah’s closeness and not the warm night air that made him tingle still. First to have felt Noah deep inside of his own body had been one sensation that still made him moan a little, still made his body itch as it craved more of the sweet throbbing pole that had entered him but even that paled in comparison to the vivid images that flashed still before his eyes. How amazing it was to have seen that young pale body rising above him, to tower even over him and then the touch. Oh God that first touch of his fingers against the base of his cock had almost made him explode right then and there and yet he hadn’t, instead he had held on far longer than he thought possible given all that he had experienced, that he had felt.

His body quivered a little as he continued to see the wild images of Noah’s body above his, the strange look on his face as he had first lowered his body onto his and the sudden popping open of his eyes as he let Dakota’s thick tool enter him. He still shook at the mere thought of that moment, at how Noah’s face suddenly went pure white as the pain came to him and yet too it was like almost at the same time that he saw the eyes flicker and flash and while the face was chalk white from the tearing aside of his hole his body seemed to suddenly have grown hotter, the desire suddenly becoming stronger than the pain he had been feeling. Dakota could still see the transformation as the pain that was rising was halted just as Noah’s mouth opened wide to yell and instead he could see the desire, the absolute commitment to what he was doing suddenly take charge of his body and no more pain was left etched across Noah’s face. He saw the eyes shake in their sockets as Noah forced his body lower, forced more of Dakota’s thick pole into his tight rectum.

Shivered with reliving of the moment made the arm move slightly down his chest, now resting across the flat washboard belly and Dakota heard a soft murmur of joy come from just next to his shoulder. He couldn’t believe the feelings he still felt, could still feel really as he felt the soft gentle breath of Noah fan across his shoulder, only making him tremble a little more as the images continued to play in his mind and in his heart and deep in his soul. To see that face, all scrunched up as it pushed down, as Noah’s will and desire took charge over the pain and forced it away, as it let in Dakota’s love and passion was something he couldn’t still quite accept or believe. No one had ever shown him such devotion, such passion as Noah showed him in that one brief second when he battled the sudden pain of entry with his own desire to feel the love and to make them both become one.

For him the amazing thing was that he had felt that pain himself, felt the sudden searing jolt his entry had caused Noah and he had wanted to stop, wanted to pull his thick throbbing pole away but something, whether it was Noah’s own body or his own need that held him in place he wasn’t sure, but he hadn’t resisted, he had laid there still, letting the desire from above decide the choice. His own body had felt like a steel rope all twisted and coiled ready for unleashing and yet he could still feel every flinch of Noah’s muscles, every sinew that shook and shuddered to his entry. It was amazing and he shook his head a little, wondering how lucky could he be to have felt such love, such passion and at his age too?

There was no doubt now in his mind as to how much he loved and cared for Noah, and he could feel that love that passions being returned to him a thousand fold. Each time he would ask himself if Noah was the one he would now see that face, the eyes gazing outwards lost in the moment of pain and sweet joy all at once. Turning his face slightly he stared across at Noah who lay next to him. His eyes were closed but he could tell that he was awake, that he too was reliving those moments and for a second he wondered what he was thinking, what he was feeling about that time when once more he saw Noah’s face towering above him and he had his answer.

“It’s weird isn’t it?”

For a moment or two he didn’t move, instead he just laid there, his arm resting across the rippling belly of his man, of his lover. How good it felt to feel those muscles shake and tremble each time his arm moved just a fraction of an inch even, knowing that it desired him almost as much as its owner did. He could feel any better even though every part of his body ached and groaned from the experience. Hell he could still feel the emptiness in his rectum from where Dakota’s cock had briefly filled. Just thinking that brought up the clearest image of that hot thick pulsing pole and he could feel his tongue licking at his lips as he wondered how it would feel to ride that pole again, knowing his body was unable to move and yet the desire was there, just as fervent as before if not more so. He had a taste of it and as much as the pain continued to roll deep inside of him, he wanted to feel it again and for longer and deeper than before.

His eyes flashed and he knew that Dakota could read his thoughts, knew that the hot stud next to him desired him as much as he did and that he was willing to oblige but that he too couldn’t move, that all their energy had been spent and was still not yet returned. If this wasn’t love then he didn’t know if he could survive love because he had given this his all and had barely survived it. The pain was so intense inside of him and yet it didn’t hurt like he had thought, at least not in the way he had thought. In some ways it had hurt more but in a weird sort of way that made him happy, made him want to feel it over and over again. His body trembled with the notion of once more rising up, of once more straddling Dakota’s long lithe body and of taking that massive organ deep inside, but as much as he wanted it, he knew that he just didn’t have the strength to even lift his head up.

“Kind of, in a good way though…”

“Yeah, I never, I mean I want you so much but… I am wasted man, you totally were awesome Noah, I mean…”

“Me? Shit if I had only known how good this would feel after I’d never have freaked before, God Dakota is it always like this?”

“I don’t know, this is like a first for me too, I never felt this drained before, never. And yet as drained as I feel I wish I could just reach out and lift you up and sit you on top again, but I can barely move my head… I can’t believe how I feel Noah, it was so… so…”

Just hearing him talk like that made him squirm a little and he could feel that press inside, that special touch as Dakota’s hard throbbing pole had dug deep down into his body and once more he felt its power, felt it radiant heat as he heard the desire in Dakota’s voice. Yeah he could imagine that and he could see those strong arms holding him by the waist, hoisting him up to sit him down squarely on top of that fiery purple cockhead with the veins sticking out and pulsing as the blood rushed thru them. God he wished that Dakota would do that, lift him up and fill him again but then too he knew he would never last a second, that his body just was too spent, too drained to even sit upright for more than a second, if that.

“Me too, and yet I can think of lots of words to say, but, shit, they don’t fit, they aren’t as… you know as meaningful I guess… silly huh?”

“Uh huh, it is kind of like, I don’t know, like a drug I guess, a good kind that just overtakes you, damn I wish I knew how to say this”

“You are doing fine Dakota, just hearing your voice is enough, Christ I didn’t think I’d be able to speak after that first… well you know, that first rush. Except, I don’t know, it only got more intense, god I want to do it again, and again…”

It was exactly how he felt too and he could feel it as Noah said it. The way his body suddenly grew hot and how the blood inside started to boil the instant his penis touched that moist pink hole and he felt the jolt of electricity pass between them, uniting them in the passion that they both felt for each other. It really did feel like that and yet in some ways it felt different too, like it wasn’t at full force yet, as if there was still more juice in the jolt to be released if they dared. It scared him that what they had done so far might only be a small taste of what lay ahead and yet it also thrilled him and made him think of Montana once more, at how he had spoken to him that night, telling him how when he found Mr Right that he would know how Montana had felt and how all people who truly loved another felt. IT was like he had suddenly been granted permission to be a part of some exclusive club, and he only had one foot in the door for now.


“Um, yeah, but I cant move, I feel like every bone is gone from my body… well almost everyone, shit, I can’t believe it but I got a boner right now”

“Haha, Christ, me too, well not totally but its getting there”

Noah’s eyes opened a bit wider as he looked into Dakota’s face and stared into the rich chocolate eyes. God how dreamy they looked, so rich, so full of desire that he wished he could just reach out and lick them, tasting that rich flavour that was Dakota. He breathed in deeply, smelling the scent that was partly Dakota but also partly him and he smiled, his hard groin beginning to ache even more as the thick vein pulsed before his eyes and he saw it again, the deep mottled red flesh glowing in front of him. God to think that it looked even bigger now than when he had first really looked at it and to think that he couldn’t wait to feel it dive deep into his tiny hole once more only made his ache grow stronger, his desire become stronger.

“Shit, are we weird or is this the way it is supposed to be?”

“Fuck if I know”

“Huh? But I am not your first… how can you…”

“No, you aren’t my first, uh, my first fuck, it is just, shit, it is like you are my first in so many other ways, like, well, it is like all I ever did before this, with the others, was enter and pump and cum, but this wasn’t that, I can’t… I can’t explain it Noah, but it is like you were my first, the first one I ever really wanted to be with, in this way and any other way possible, shit, I sound like a damn flamer, it is just that, I don’t know how this is supposed to be, I never cared for anyone this way before, not like I do for you…”

“For real?”


“Me too”

Somehow Noah managed to find enough energy to move his body closer so that his warm flesh was touching Dakota’s body wherever possible. His hand had moved down the belly, his fingers resting just above the groin, the fingers lightly laid outwards, as if they were reaching once more for that hot throbbing pole. His eyes were flashing as he continued to stare deeply into Dakota’s face, seeing the passion there, feeling it reach for his own and knowing that what he felt for Dakota was real, wasn’t just a dream or something worse but that it was for real, that it existed here and now and forever.

“I know”

“Spooky huh?”

“Kind of, uh, this is so weird and yet, fuck Noah I wish we could always be together and yet…”

“Me too, but we’ll see each other at school, after all we share a locker, remember?”

“Haha, how could I forget, but shit… school… fuck that is going to be hard… I mean uh, well, you know…”

For the moment all he could think of was what it would be like to have Dakota one more time, to summon the energy to do it just once more before he fell asleep but the mention of school ended his passion and his sudden urge to feel that hard thick pole once more. The fear rose quickly and he could feel it coming not just from his own mind but he could feel it coming from Dakota too. God, how could he have forgotten about school and guys like Hector?

“Shit, I don’t know, do you think they’ll find out? I mean if we just play it cool during the day, they will never know, right?”

Everything grew darker for him as he tried to answer Noah, tried to wonder if he could really keep his hands from reaching out for Noah each time they saw each other or would his desire betray them both? Would he be able to hold back from just wanting to grab Noah and hug him and kiss him or would his need for him put them both at risk? Christ he felt so scared all of a sudden, knowing that exposure would hurt Noah more than him in many ways, he at least had a taste of that when it got around about Montana but still, how could he let Noah experience any of that?

“Fuck, I don’t know, I mean, not like we have a choice really, and yet, shit, I don’t know Noah, if they do it’ll be fucking hell, if we can keep it between us that will be fucking hell too, I mean, I just… I just want to be with you, to hold you and stuff, and… shit I don’t know”

Noah could hear the pain and fear in Dakota’s voice and he felt it too, unsure of what he could say or do to help because he knew better than Dakota what it would be like if guys like Hector ever found out about them. He could feel the cold creeping thru his body where only a few minutes earlier it had felt like a blast furnace inside of him, now it was becoming like a frozen wasteland as his mind conjured up a myriad of horrors, worse than any painted words on a locker had been. His heart ached as his hand rested on Dakota’s belly, trembling with the fear until he felt the soft squeeze of Dakota’s hand on top of his own. Noah felt the love reaching for him and yet he also felt the fear, both battling within him for dominance as he wondered if he could keep his desire secret, if he could not suddenly run towards Dakota each time he saw him in the hallway or even if he could hold back from wanting to just nestle into the crook of his arm each morning. The fear was winning as he felt Dakota’s hand take his and move it up to Dakota’s face, and he felt the soft brush of his lips against the back of his hand and finally he managed to turn his face upwards and gaze into the face of the boy who had captured his heart and soul.

“Dakota… I… I don’t know if… I mean I know I have to, it is just that…”

“I know, me too Noah, but we don’t have any choice, fuck, why does it have to be like this? Fuck… Damn them, maybe we should… I mean…”

“What? I don’t…”

“I can’t, I wish I could, but Noah this will only, I mean… fuck I want you so badly, to be with you always, but if we do, you are going to get hurt, and I don’t want that… I couldn’t live with that, I mean you deserve…”

“Stop it, you are scaring me Dakota, what are you saying?”

“I don’t know, maybe we should… should just stop this…”

“WHAT?” NO! No Dakota, please, you can’t mean that… Please I don’t know how I could… NO! NO I WON’T LET You!”

It was like a knife being driven slowly into his heart. How could Dakota even think that he wondered as he suddenly found the strength to sit up, to yank his hand from out of Dakota’s grasp as his whole body shook with a mixture of rage and fear. How dare he try that, after what he had gone through to think that Dakota could even think something like that had him in turmoil and yet the fear inside knew that all Dakota was doing was trying to protect him.

Well fuck that he thought, he wasn’t some 12 year old kid, he was almost a man and so what if they found out, fuck them because what he had with Dakota none of them would ever have, he knew that in his soul as his body ached from the sudden movement and yet he ignored it, sitting up and staring down at the surprised Dakota. No, he wouldn’t give up what he had just found because some fucking assholes were scared of who they were, it was their problem not his and he wouldn’t let this go, no fucking way would he let Dakota be anything less than he was to him now. He couldn’t, not if what he felt had been real and he could feel the throb inside of him, that special ache that he had felt the second Dakota had penetrated his body and become a part of him. No, this wasn’t going to be his first and last time feeling that way, not as long as he could breath and the fire in his soul rose up, his eyes flashed with bolts of anger and passion as he tried to control his breathing, as he tried to formulate the words he needed to convince Dakota that he was more than able to handle this, that he was willing to take whatever happened as long as he could be with Dakota.

“You don’t realize how bad it can be Noah, Shit, I don’t want this, God you have to believe me, I wish I could be with you, 24 hours a day every day of the week, I have never felt like this before, never really wanted to be with someone half as much as I want to be with you, please, you have to believe that”

“I do, Christ I do Dakota, but I won’t let you sacrifice us because of them, they don’t deserve it, hell I don’t deserve it, not now, not after tonight, I couldn’t handle it.”

Dakota saw the way Noah’s eyes were glaring, the fire inside flickering with each word that Noah spoke. It was like tiny bolts of lightning each time he said a word, tiny bolts that flashed and pierced outwards. His own body ached as he too found the strength to sit up, to look directly into Noah’s face and as much as he admired the sudden courage he doubted if Noah could keep it up for long. He had been there, had seen how it worn his own brother down until finally Montana had simply walked away, beaten and cowed by the ignorance of just a few. None of his so called friends had dared to stand up to it, the one or two who had thought about it were quickly shouted down or worse, felt the wrath of those ignorant few. He had seen it and he knew what to expect, some of that ignorance had spilled out to him, one reason why he put himself thru the torture of living the double life. Why he dated girls when they revolted him and why he even had sex with them, all so he could spare himself that same torture that his brother had endured.

“I know that, I know it isn’t right, but fuck what else can we do? I know I couldn’t go seeing you without betraying our secret, I know I am not that strong, not around you, shit… and you know you aren’t either, Christ man you shot your wad just being next to me and that was before tonight, how the fuck are you going to control how you feel now? No, this sucks but…”

“No, I won’t let you, I don’t care what you say, I’ll find a way to control it, just like you will, please Dakota…”

“I can’t Noah, I don’t care for myself, it is you I care about, and those guys, they’ll eat you alive, trust me I have seen just a hint of that crap, I know what I am saying…”

He was losing the fight, he could sense it in Dakota’s voice and the thought of never once more touching, holding, or even kissing Dakota was too much for him. Tears rolled down his face as he sat there, legs crossed in front of him and his head bowed down but deep inside, where he still could feel Dakota’s presence he refused to surrender, refused to give up what seemed like a hopeless struggle.

“Fine, then I’ll… I’ll out myself”

At first he didn’t think he heard him right but then he knew inside that he had and he felt the cold chill racing up and down his spine. How could Noah even think of doing something like that? Didn’t he understand that by doing that he would get the crap kicked out of him? SHit, if he did do that, could he stand by and let that shit happen to the guy he said he cared for? Fuck, he was screwed either way because all he wanted was to protect Noah, to not let him get hurt and so he knew that by sacrificing what he wanted, by letting Noah go he could do that, would all be for nothing if Noah went and did that. How could he? Didn’t he realize how it would all play out? It was confusing to him, and he wasn’t sure how or what to say, because he never had felt this way before, never understood what it had meant to be in love until now, and it made no sense.

“Huh? Noah… Christ don’t talk stupid”

“I am not, I mean it, what difference will it make?”

“A fucking lot, shit if you go do that, I mean, you don’t have to, don’t you see? This is what I am trying to tell you, if we stop this now, you won’t have to do that, no one will know about you, you will be safe”

“Safe? Fuck that shit man, I know how I feel, in here, inside me right now, I know that what I felt when you were inside, it is what I want to feel all the time, if I can’t have that then what the fuck is the use? What difference does it make then if they know or not? Least this way I’ll be who I am, not some stupid wimp hiding…”

“Christ Noah, you’ll get the crap beaten out of you, and take it from me, that isn’t a good feeling, hell it won’t make you feel any more like a man…”

“I don’t care, I mean it Dakota, if I can’t have you why should I hide who I am? So what if I get knocked down a few times or punched, what fucking difference will that make? Okay, it’ll hurt, I’ll probably cry too, so what? It can’t hurt any more than how I am hurting right now, just imagining what it would be like not to hold you, not to touch you or kiss you or anything… no, I’d rather get punched than live without you.”

He felt desperate now, seeing the look coming into Noah’s eyes and he remembered that look, it was no different of a look than the one Montana had when he finally gave up, when he finally let himself stop fighting and it tore deep into Dakota’s heart as he felt like he was about to lose again. It was as if he was been shown a glimpse of what could be and then just as he was about to reach for it, to embrace it, it was suddenly taken away from him, just as Montana had been snatched from him too.

“Fuck… Noah… I can’t… I can’t let you do that, don’t you see? It isn’t about a punch or two, fuck they’ll get you down, they’ll take the boots to you, fuck man they could kill you… is that what you want?”

Strange, as much as Dakota tried to scare him he didn’t care. It was almost as if someone had switched off a light inside of him and all he could think about was how lonely, how empty his whole life would be without Dakota to share it with. It was freaky because he couldn’t understand the feeling, couldn’t quite explain it to himself let alone to anyone else but it was sort of, well sort of like without Dakota there would be a huge hole inside of him. A hole that no one could ever fill but Dakota and he just knew that he couldn’t live with that hole, it just wouldn’t be worth it and he grew resigned to knowing that his own life just wouldn’t be anything with that hole inside. The thought of someone or more than just one kicking at him, punching at him, it didn’t appeal to him and in fact it did scare him but that fear was nothing compared to the fear of trying to live with that hole inside.



“I don’t care Dakota, if I can’t be with you, what difference does it make?”

“Fuck that is dumb, you will find someone else, give it time, shit man, you can’t just… I mean…”

“Find someone else? Yeah maybe, but they’ll never touch me the way you have, they’ll never make me feel the way you do, even now, so why bother? I don’t want second best, I want you”

“Noah… please, think about this…”

“I have, I mean it, I don’t give a shit what Hector or any of them do if it means not having you, don’t you see that? We are meant for each other, I knew that the second I saw you leaning on the locker, you know it, you felt it too, tell me you didn’t, tell me right now you don’t feel the same way? Go on, tell me!”

“I can’t… shit you know that”


‘Then’ echoed inside his head as he sat there, knowing that he was facing a choice, a decision that would perhaps define him. Funny, he had thought that his taking the chance to go and knock on Noah’s window that first night would be that moment, would be the one thing that would define who he was but now, now he realized that it was only a prelude to this moment in time. He lowered his head to stare down at his naked legs crossed in front of him, his hands rested on them and he could see the slight murmur or vibration of his fingers as his heart pounded loudly inside of his chest.

How could he let Noah do what he said he’d do if he cared for him? How could he stand by and let others beat on him or worse if he really felt the way he thought he had felt the second he had seen Noah coming down the hallway? It was just like he had said, the instant he saw the smaller figure walking he felt that hitch in his heart and now, after all that they had felt he knew that moment hadn’t been an illusion, that it was real, just as Montana had warned him it would be.

Funny, he could sit here now knowing that what he said next would make or break him as a person, and yet he could hear his brother’s laugh, see his face smiling as he had explained to his 13 year old brother how love was a wonderful feeling that filled you with strange new feelings, that it would soothe you in times of trouble and yet lead you to trouble too because it was a hard taskmaster. It would demand your best not just once in awhile but always and he knew now that his love for Noah was just that, demanding of him something he didn’t know if he could give.

His heart was still now, the beat suddenly quietened down as his spirit ached as he tried to make the right decision. He wasn’t sure which way to turn and then he felt his brother’s presence. His eyes grew moist as he hesitantly lifted his head to gaze outwards, and he saw Noah’s face before him. God how beautiful he looked, so loving, so caring and as he looked at the face he saw his brother’s face too, his own dark eyes piercing with the flame of life inside as he seemed to be resting his head on Noah’s shoulder. He felt his presence inside too as his heart skipped a beat and his lungs sucked in a breath of air.

A strange warmth came to him, forcing the cold chill of his fear back, and he stared at Noah and his brother, the two people who had touched his heart unlike any other person had. He felt the love coming from both and he closed his eyes, afraid of looking, afraid that it would be the last time he would see those two faces and yet as his eyes closed, he felt the warmth, felt the sudden rise of temperature deep down inside of him and then he could hear the soft beat next to his heart, the soft gentle beat of not one but of two hearts and he trembled from the fear of it, knowing that Noah and his brother were both with him now, both of them trying to see into his own heart, to see what he truly felt and he panicked at that for a moment or two, wishing he could jump up and run away but his body refused his mind, and he sat there, trembling with the fear that they would know his secret, his thoughts.

The sound of his brother’s voice in his ear made him start a little, made his body squirm too as he heard him talking, heard him asking him why he was so afraid, asking him why he was willing to be alone when right across from him sat his perfect match, his perfect partner. He had no answer for his brother as he lifted his eyelids open, to stare into Noah’s face, to see the powder blue eyes gazing at him with nothing but love inside of them. He could feel his heart too, the soft gentle beat and once more he felt that moment, felt the wild strange feeling that had rushed into his body the split second that his hard throbbing pole had pierced the inside of Noah’s virgin body.

“Then… then I guess we take them on together”

Noah had sat perfectly still, seeing the way Dakota’s face was all scrunched up as he tried to work it all out inside of him and he didn’t feel frightened now. It was like the war was over and that somehow Dakota would not abandon him. He felt it, deep inside and he couldn’t explain it but the fear he had was gone, only a soft warm glow seemed to fill his body as he had stared at Dakota, waiting and now he had his answer and still he just sat there, still and quiet as he looked deep down into Dakota’s heart. He had felt his fear, knew that it wasn’t just that Dakota had been afraid for him, but that Dakota had feared that he might not be strong enough to face the Hector’s himself. Somehow though, he had worked beyond that, and he sighed a little as he realized that for now, that hole would not happen.

He felt the love around him and he could see Dakota’s eyes now, the way they were still scared but at least no longer did he look petrified by that fear and he glanced down, to see that they both were holding onto each other’s hands. He had no idea when or how it had happened but it had. He closed his fingers over Dakota’s a bit tighter now as he felt the love warming his heart and chasing away the last remnants of fear that lingered near by. Noah was about to speak when they heard the cry, the shrill voice of a girl calling their names.

Dakota heard it too and for a moment or two he just ignored it, but finally he yelled out, asking Arizona what it was she wanted. His impatience rather a pleasing sound to Noah who noticed that both of them were once more fully aroused, which quickly ended as Arizona answered her brother.

“Ma sent me, uh Noah’s parents are here for him, so uh… you better get decent and hurry back, I don’t think uh… just hurry okay?”

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