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The Locker – Chapter 9

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 11•07

Chapter 9


The night was silent as she stood there at the base of the old tree. Her eyes kept glancing upwards, wondering if the guys had heard her right or if she had come too early. A small tear came to her eye as she hoped she had taken enough time to get here, had taken long enough so they could at least finish but then the look on Noah’s parents face had kind of made her want to just get lost, to never find Noah and Dakota but she knew that was being dumb.

“Hey did you hear me Dakota? Noah?”

She struggled to try and keep quiet, to keep her voice from yelling out more things as she waited, hoping that maybe they would pretend not to be there. That might work for a bit but she doubted it, after all everyone had heard Noah’s screams earlier as well as Dakota’s. It was like they had used some megaphone or something and if only Noah’s parents hadn’t been there it might have been a good evening. She was almost certain her dad was going to smile which she would have given anything to have seen. He used to have such a nice smile but it had been ages since he last smiled, never mind laughed like he meant it.

Sure he went through the motions now and then, just to appease her or her mom, but she knew it was phoney. This time though it looked like he just might break one for real which would have really made it a perfect weekend. Now all that seemed ruined and it bugged her. She had started to get those urges again and her mother had noticed, rushing her out of the house to go find Dakota and Noah which had saved the moment. It really wasn’t her fault, the Doctors said she’d grow out of it or at worst it would lessen over time, still that didn’t help her now.

School was pure hell for her because she was petrified that she might slip one day and let it all out and that wasn’t something she ever wanted to happen, but it could. She worried a lot about that and then coming to a new school seemed like maybe she could get through it, until Dakota met Noah. God he was so cute and in a weird sort of way she felt kind of attracted to him even though he was like her brothers.

He had nice eyes, the kind that made her feel all comfy and warm not like those other geeks that hung around Dakota. Jesus he let some really strange types hang around him but he kept telling her it was for show, to keep their secret hidden but she didn’t like it much and besides, it only made her more nervous which wasn’t good. That new kid, Rusty, he had mean eyes and she could tell he didn’t like Dakota being friendly to Noah too which made her wonder a bit about him.

The guy was tall and had real good looks, just like her brother and being a girl, she kind of liked to compare. The more she thought about it, the more she thought that Dakota had the edge even if he walked around with that dumb sad face of his. Mind you, since he met Noah he didn’t seem such a sour puss, which made her happy. She liked it when Dakota was happy and even though she knew that her time with him would be less if he got involved with Noah, she didn’t really mind. Besides, she might be able to sneak a peek sometimes, as she was kind of curious as to what he looked like without his clothes on.

She stomped her feet and glared up at the tree, trying to push away those weird thoughts. Mind you she was having a few other ones like that too which worried her because she doubted if she could control her thoughts if she ever really did fall for some guy. Strange, only when she first saw Noah did she start to wonder what it would be like to have someone other than her brother or parents to care for, and the more she thought about it the sadder she got. Most likely she wouldn’t find out, after all who would want to go out with some crazy girl who couldn’t keep her mouth shut?

“If you guys don’t hurry I am gonna come up there”

“You stay there, we uh, we’ll be right down, geez”

“Hurry up, make sure you put on the right clothes”


“Sorry, but hurry, okay?”

“We are, we are”


Arizona leaned against the tree, her eyes open and staring but if anyone was to have been there, to be looking, they would see that she was there but not there. Her mind was off once more, wondering what it was about Noah that made her feel warm and fuzzy and even, well a bit jealous? Was she being perverted or something or was it just that at last she realized that she wanted the same thing Dakota had? Was it that she was tired of all the sadness and that she wanted someone other than Dakota to share things with or was it just a dumb schoolgirl crush on some cute guy? Noah did have that look, that smouldering look that made her heart go skip a beat or two and yet, well it wasn’t quite the way she had thought it would be. Maybe it was just that ever since Montana left he was the first person that seemed to be different, seemed to be more than just a passing friend.

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