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Honest I am Innocent

Written By: Sex Writer - Aug• 19•11

Part (-)

Tyler stood up, facing the Judge. It was his first time in a court room, and he was still feeling a bit dazed from how quickly things had progressed. Like shit, he had been leaning against a telephone pole outside of McKenna’s bar, when some dude walked up asking for a light.

Next thing he knew, the guy had put a move on him, and when he seemed agreeable, he had a pair of handcuffs on him, and was tossed into some cold dank cell, with a bunch of others. Most of them too drunk to even know where they were.

Then he was suddenly here, kept in some room, where some skinny guy in thick horn rimmed glasses took his name, asked him where he lived, if he could afford the fine of $150, then went on to the next person sitting on the long bench.

There were a few of them, all, like him, had one hand handcuffed to the bench, and all were still in their street clothes. Wasn’t like they showed in the news, where everyone was in some jumper suit.

His name was called, after a few hours, and finally he was taken into the Night Court of Judge Milford P. Gibbs.  Why they made such a big deal of the guy’s name was beyond him, but walking in, he was directed to a sort of booth, with a high wall.

There were two tables, and both of the occupants looked bored, and restless. The one closest to him was flipping through a whole big stack of files, looking like he was going to burst.  Tyler didn’t get what was up, as he stared up at the Judge, who was peering down at him.

Tyler saw nothing but an old geezer, with thin short white strands across a mostly bald scalp. There were big red marks more visible than hair, and the guy’s face was, well ancient. Bit lean, and his nose was a bit hooked. His lips were thin and pale, but it was those eyes, that made Tyler squirm a bit. Damn they looked so cold, and he was certain that he was going to sentenced to hang, from the way the eyes peered at him.

‘I am waiting Mister Henry’

‘Uh, yes your Honour, I uh, it seems I don’t have the file.’ The Judge seemed about to throw a real fit, the way his face grew all red and flushed. He stared at the guy he called Mister Henry, then turned his head to stare directly at Tyler.

‘Mister Martin?’

‘Uh Yes Sir’

‘How do you plead?’

‘I uh, I don’t know Sir’

‘What do you mean you don’t know, it isn’t rocket science young man, either you are guilty or not’

‘Uh, it is just, well, uh…’

‘Speak up, you can speak can’t you?’

‘Yes Sir, it is just, well, I don’t know what I am here for’ The old man stared at him like he had swore or something worse. His eyes seemed to glitter with anger, and his mouth became very set.

‘Read the Charge Bailiff, so Mister Martin can be illuminated on why he is before this Court’ Each word was delivered in a harsh clipped tone, that made Tyler cringe. Honest, he didn’t know why he had been brought here. All he had done was agree to a friendly drink with some dude, and a free cab ride home. Now here was another ancient guy, standing up reading a whole bunch of words, that made very little sense, until the man read off the charge of solicitation.

‘Now Mister Martin, you know why you are here, so which is it, Guilty or Not Guilty, so we can move one’ Tyler felt his whole body tremble, as he looked at the guy at the table closest to him, and the other man across from him. He didn’t like how he looked, the way his eyes were so close together, and his face just looked, well nasty. The guy was tapping his fingers on his big stack of file folders, and looking at his watch.

‘Uh, Innocent Sir’ he finally managed. There was absolute silence in the court room, and everyone was looking at him, then up at the Judge. It was like he had spoken some forbidden phrase, saying he was innocent.

‘I see, did no one explain to you how this works, young man?’

‘Uh, no, I don’t think so.’

‘You don’t… did you speak to a public defender before coming in here?’

‘I don’t know, some guy took my name and asked if I could pay $150, he never said who he was.’

‘Mister Henry’

‘Yes Your Honour’

‘Did you not inform this young man of the charges, and the procedure?’

‘No Sir’

‘No? And pray tell, why not?’

‘Uh, I wasn’t the one doing the initial consultations Your Honour, it was one of the interns who was assigned that duty.’

‘Oh great, on the job training in my Court Room.’

‘Your Honour, perhaps my friend can discuss the issue with his client now, and we can then proceed.’

‘I am sure you’d like that, however, a plea has been entered.’

‘It could be withdrawn’ The Judge stared at the other lawyer, as he contemplated the answer. He seemed to be unwilling to accept the answer, or so Tyler thought. He didn’t quite understand all this legal bullshit, but he knew that he didn’t try to sell himself to that guy. All the guy offered was a free ride home, how the fuck could that be prostitution?

‘You two, my chambers now, Bailiff, bring the defendant as well.’ in chambersThe Judge’s chambers were pretty impressive to Tyler, who was seated on a long black leather sofa. He sat there, with a big burly Bailiff next to him. His meat hook of a hand on his shoulder, keeping him seated.

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