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Rent Boy – Chapter 7

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 16•11
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Chapter 7

Josh and Billy looked at each other. The words seemed to hang in the air as they looked into each other’s heart. The quiet manner in which Gordon had spoken those few words had touched them deeper than even Gordon had thought. He just stood there, looking into his glass of liquid courage. His whole body seemed to sag, not the usual Gordon pose. Billy could feel his heart being tugged by the almost pathetic figure that he had once feared.

Josh looked up first, his blue eyes squinting in the sunshine as he took in the man before him. There was something different, not just the physical change, but something far more complete. He had spent the night hating Gordon, in between his worry over Billy. He didn’t feel any kinder towards Gordon as the morning had gone on; but now, well now things seemed different. Maybe he was wrong, maybe Billy was really right when he said Gordon was one of the few decent john’s in his life.

His blue eyes found the dark orbs that seemed clouded over, no sparkle left in them. Josh could feel the deep sense of pain inside the man, as if he himself was inside feeling the heart twisting inside the rib cage. His body twitched as he stared further into the regions that was Gordon, searching for the angle.

“Come on Gordon, what are you talking about?”

“Just what I said Billy, no more being just a trick. I want more than that. I want to be your friend.”

“Yeah, right Gordon. Look, why would you want that? You say some of the strangest things… right now…”

“Right now is for real William; and what is it you are afraid of ? Am I that undesirable to you as a friend instead of a trick?”

“No… look you are taking this all wrong…”

“Maybe… but I know that sitting there with your lover… I never felt so fucking alone. So isolated…”

“You have friends Gordon… lots of them. Okay, so maybe I won’t cry if you were to suddenly die, that doesn’t mean I don’t care.”


Gordon sat down in a chair, facing the two young men. Billy no longer lay back, he was sitting up, the worry clearly etched in his young face. Josh sat there, his head swiveling back and forth taking it all in. His eyes still trying to figure the whole scene out.

“What I have Billy are a large number of people who call me a friend, only because of what they get out of it. They don’t call me a friend because they mean it, no more than you do, at this moment. Now do you?”

“Okay. Yeah, I suppose maybe you are right to a point. But come on Gordon, just what do you expect from someone like me?”

“Someone like you? Is that supposed to mean you aren’t capable of having me as a friend? That a young person such as yourself can’t have older friends?”

“Fuck… no, that isn’t what I mean… shit… you want to really get into this Gordon… fine… let’s get into it. For starters you know damn well that all I am is a slut, a piece of meat for hire, and yeah, maybe I do want more than that, but that isn’t gonna happen. Fuck, I don’t even know how Josh here can stand being with me never mind someone with your culture or class…”

“Hold on Billy, you can’t mean all that. Sure, I know what you do, so does Josh and he is in love with you… why can’t…”

“He thinks he’s in love with me, but he’ll smarten up soon enough…”

“I don’t think so Billy. I am in love you and always will be. How can you say that I won’t?”

“Josh… look… I know what I am, okay? You don’t know the half of this type of life. You think you can handle it. But look at how freaked you are today? Come on admit it…”

“Okay… yeah, it scares me, but…”

“No buts, Josh… this is my life… this shit isn’t anything to what I’ve been through. Fuck, you only know the half of it… you think because we spent time together and nothing serious happened… that all I did was let a couple of jerks suck my dick that this really isn’t that bad of a life… well…”

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