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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
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Chapter 8

If you look Up, There are no limits.

Japanese Proverb They had talked the whole afternoon away and slowly Billy had started to get excited. He saw the way Josh’s eyes lit up each time he came up with a new idea or a new thought on what he could do; but the greatest thrill was when Gordon asked Josh what he wanted to do. It had been an awkward moment until Josh said he had always wanted to be more than just a labourer. Gordon had simply beamed at him and Billy could even feel his own chest swelling with pride. This was his guy and well, it seemed only right.

Dinner was even more of the same except when Gordon brought out the bottle. Billy’s face dropped a mile as he recognized the Dom Perngion Champagne. He had seen it before, and knew that this wasn’t exactly a dinner drink, this was for something special and Gordon knew how to make it that. For the first time Billy actually believed that his life was turning around for the better.

It was a totally awesome experience for both Billy and Josh. For the first time, both of them were actually able to think more of what they wanted than of what they had to do. Josh couldn’t believe his good fortune. Only a few months earlier he had thought that he would never see his nineteenth birthday, that the scars he carried inside would always be there, until that day, the day he had planned to end his pain and that of his young life’s sorrows.

Now he had Billy, and while that had brought him a great deal of joy, the sight of him all battered and bruised had shaken him back to his own reality. He had felt that life wasn’t meant to be happy, and yet now, from that pain he was getting a chance. He still wasn’t sure of how or why, but the transformation of Gordon was uplifting. It gave him hope that maybe his own life could really be something.

Josh smiled at Billy, as they sat on the edge of the huge bed, in the huge bedroom they had moved into now lock stock and barrel. Tomorrow Gordon was taking them shopping he said. He couldn’t have his new found adopted sons looking like rag muffins. Billy still wasn’t sure, but hadn’t argued much, as he was still trying to figure out the why’s and what’s of it all. He did know one thing though, that it felt good not to have to worry about a place to stay for tomorrow, or where the food was going to come from tomorrow or the next day.

Billy stared across at Josh, seeing the light in his eyes. Funny, he had noticed that Josh had a nice sparkle but he was absolutely radiant tonight. His eyes sparkled like the entire sky had come down to earth and now resided inside of his body. It was like he was glowing from deep within, his smile as bright as the sun shining in the morning, his eyes sparkling as if they had a thousand stars blinking inside of them. This was a complete turn around, and he could feel something else, he could feel lightness in his own chest. There wasn’t any weight, pressure, holding him down.

He leaned over and kissed Josh on the lips, in mid sentence, and felt the saliva of his lover. It had a strange taste to it, a sort of minty flavour, but he liked it. The surprise kiss made his own heart skip a quick beat, and he leaned back.

“What was that for?”

“Oh, I don’t know… guess just cause I love you.”

Damn, was that him talking? Billy couldn’t believe it, here he was, fresh bruises still hurting all over, burns on his thighs and his cock, and he was happy, ecstatic in fact. Funny how just the idea of not being a fucking whore anymore in order to live could simply erase the pain.

Josh looked at Billy, leaning back on his arms now, smiling like a Cheshire cat. He could still feel the warm pressure of his lips, when he just reached across and kissed him. He could feel the way his heart had leapt forward, as if reaching out in its own way to not miss any of Billy’s presence. He could smell him even now, as if he was right under his nose, not 2 feet away.

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