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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

“What you grinning at?”

“Hehe… you Mr. Sexy.”

“Yeah, you say that but I don’t see you doing anything about it.”

“Oh, is that a dare?”


Josh launched his body forward, taking Billy completely by surprise. He fell into the lanky frame, forcing Billy to fall backwards, his arms now stretched outwards, his back firmly planted into the mattress. A pleased smile of pure joy splitting his face wide open, was all that Josh could see. It made his heart quiver with anticipation as he forced his legs

gaystoryman to either side of Billy’s prone body. He sat on top of Billy, his hands resting firmly on top of the chest, keeping his ‘man’ down on the bed. He looked down, smiling with a wicked grin curling around his jaw. His eyes were sparkling as he stared down at the well built upper body of his lover. His heart felt light, for the first time since he hit the road. It was as if he could be a kid again, not have to worry about things like how to pay the rent, where he and Billy were going to eat next, or if Billy would come home all battered and bruised again.

“You just going to sit there or you got a plan?”

Billy’s taunting voice broke through his reverie, and he bent down, planting a huge wet kiss on the nose of his lover. Billy squirmed a little, trying to shift his weight, but Josh held him tight, and started to reach down with his hands. He pushed the thin shirt open, feeling a button pop but no longer caring. He reached inside to feel the warm beat of Billy’s heart.

Billy cried out, the cold hand of Josh making him shiver, and he reached up with his own hands now to firmly grip Josh’s waist. The touch of his own hands around Josh made him tingle all over. His whole body started to quiver, as if it had just touched an electrical current. He felt a strange warm sensation running through his entire body.

Slowly he managed to catch his breath, feeling Josh’s hand running down his chest, touching him like it was a new experience. He blinked as he opened his eyes. For some odd reason he couldn’t focus, he knew Josh was there, but so was a soft blue light. It just seemed to flow outwards from the darker figure that had to be Josh. Once more he blinked, and as he did he could feel his heart starting to pound inside his chest. The soft hands were gently touching him, loving him, and he felt like he could simply float away.

Billy dropped his hands and lay there on the bed as Josh lightly ran his hands along the battered body. Each bruise, each ache that he had seemed to suddenly disappear from his memory. He could feel something leaving him, yet he didn’t feel any loss, instead he felt like he was finally becoming whole, becoming a real person, not just someone’s idea of a good time.

His breathing was becoming ragged as he surrendered to the warmth and the blue light. Billy gazed upwards, watching the intent expression on Josh’s face as his hands moved ever so slowly along his chest. He saw Josh take a breath as one of his hands found his right nipple, gently playing with it. Billy could see the sudden deepening of the blue that seemed to emanate from Josh. He realized the blue was deepening as it registered in Josh’s head that he was touching the nipple that had the burn scab on it.

gaystoryman 104 Billy was mesmerized by the deepening blue, and instead of feeling guilty or remorse, he felt nothing but a heightened sense of love and understanding. His eyes locked onto Josh’s and he didn’t see anger, he didn’t see any revulsion, all he could see was a deepening love. Tears started to flow down his cheeks as the realization hit him, and instead of being ashamed, he just lay there, exposing his true feelings to the one person who could help him.

Josh saw the small drops running down the corners of Billy’s face as his fingers ran lightly across the battered and bruised nipple. He felt the roughness of the newly formed scar, caused by a cigarette burn. He felt his heart reach out, trying to cover the pain, willing the flesh to forget the pain it had endured. He looked down at his lover, feeling his surrender.

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