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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

Slowly Josh reached up with his hand, his fingers trembled slightly, but he regained control, and lightly he wiped away the rolling tears. He bent down now, his face just above Billy’s, and as he closed his eyes, he saw a blue shadow float down and envelop them both, just as his lips brushed up against Billy’s tear stained eyes.

Josh could feel his heart reaching out now, could feel his whole body starting to gather itself, to prepare itself. He thought briefly at how worried he had been that night, how scared he was, and he felt a slight chill, wondering if that would ever happen again. As he looked down he knew that he only wanted one thing out of life, that was to never be apart from Billy.

His lips brushed lightly, tasting the salt of the tears and suddenly he found himself stretched out on top of Billy’s prone body. He could feel his heart pounding inside his chest as he started to kiss the cheeks, then the nose, feeling his penis straining within his jeans. His hands now were pushing down, feeling the strong muscles that were Billy’s stomach.

The feeling of Josh’s lips sent a wave of warmth throughout his entire body. Billy couldn’t stop himself, tears continued to roll down his cheeks, and as each one passed from his eyes, he could feel Josh kissing him, feeling him wipe them away with the touch of his hand, and he knew then that he had found his soul mate, the one person who he could share everything with.

Billy opened his eyes to find the deep blue of Josh’s eyes staring lovingly into his own dark eyes. His body seemed to suddenly spring alive, the muscles coiled inside him. He could feel his stomach tighten, his balls pushing upwards, his penis pressing hard up against his jeans. His lungs seemed to be sucking in the air like a vacuum and yet he still felt like he needed more air.

They stared at each other, lost in their own thoughts of love. Josh couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and feeling. His heart ached, not

gaystoryman from pain but from the strong feeling of love and need of Billy. It was like suddenly being brought to the surface after spending an eternity in the dark recess of the earth. Billy felt like he had just been reborn, the way his heart leapt for joy, as it felt Josh’s firm and urgent beat.

Billy reached up, his hands pressed against either side of Josh’s head and he brought that beautiful shaggy haired face down to meet his own. As his eyes closed he saw nothing but Josh’s mouth as he brought his lips up to taste the young fresh pink lips. He could feel the warmth, the salt from his tears on the thin lips, and his body trembled.

As his lips touched Josh’s, he felt the bed shake beneath him, and he knew that he had just surrendered himself to another human being. For the first time Billy willingly, without any doubts, any guilt, any hesitation, gave himself up to another human being. His muscles suddenly released themselves; his cock began to jerk hard within his pants, as his tongue tasted his own salty tears on Josh’s lips. He shivered as the tip of his tongue touched the warm rough tip of Josh’s and together they started to court, one minute flashing in one’s mouth, then retreating as the other prodded inside, poked around, tasting each inch of the other’s mouth.

He felt Josh’s lips crush against his own, felt his breath leave his body and suddenly he was breathing from Josh’s own lungs. His body continued to quake as the mouths joined together and they kissed hard now, neither one willing to stop to let the other have a taste. Their tongues battled for space as they ran around the teeth, the gums, tasting each other, revelling in each other’s peculiar taste.

Josh could feel his whole body shaking as he pressed down harder and harder against Billy’s own quivering body. He could feel the legs shaking, the vibrations from his chest as Billy’s muscles uncoiled. His own body matched tremor for tremor, quake for quake, as their mouths became one. Their breath no longer his or mine, but theirs as they breathed as one. He could feel Billy’s warm breath flow into his own lungs, feel his breath reach deep inside of Billy.

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