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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
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Josh could see the way Billy was thinking and he reached out with his hand, to lay it across the broad chest, to feel the heart beating away within. He sighed as his hand touched the warm body and Billy groaned slightly as well. It was as if they were in harmony together, not just sexually, or even physically but in a very deep spiritual way.

It waslike they could actually read each other’s thoughts, as they lay there thinking of a future. There was something exciting about it, the way Josh could look at Billy and feel how he wanted to set about on this new life. What amazed him, and sent a shiver down his spine, was that when he would have an answer or question to those thoughts, he could feel Billy hearing them inside, he could actually feel an answer too, and that made him tingle all over.

Billy got up and headed off for the bathroom, the night growing old, as they had lain there just enjoying being next to each other. There wasn’t a second when some part of their bodies weren’t touching, keeping in tune with the other. It was also a time when they felt at total peace. Nothing could intrude on their future planning.

He entered the bathroom, switching on the soft glowing yellow light and did his business. Billy stared into the mirror as he washed up, looking into his own dark eyes, seeing the little boy who had left home so battered and bruised, barely alive. He saw his past flash before him, the tricks, and the run-ins with police, crooks, and other’s that a life living alone brought you into contact with.

In the past it would make him sad, but this time he could see it all, and instead of it taking hold and controlling him, it just seemed to pass by. Now he saw him and Josh, trees rolling across the view, never ending. There were fields of flowers and birds chirping as he wiped his hands. Finally he was seeing more than a cloud ahead, he was seeing

gaystoryman sunshine and pleasure. His whole body seemed to glow as he stared into the mirror, feeling so comfortable, so warm, and so damn excited. Walking back into the bedroom, he noticed a small flickering light by the bed, a soft dancing yellow light greeted him and he stopped just inside the room. His eyes narrowed, getting accustomed to the light, and there on the bed he saw Josh, lying with his head propped up on two pillows.

He smiled and was rewarded with a wide grin from the body on the bed. Billy could see a small candle flickering on the nightstand and as he looked back towards Josh, he could see that Josh had stripped down to nothing and was lying there totally naked. God, he looked so damn handsome there, his long legs stretched out, his full young body glistening in the semi dark of the night.

Orange shadows crossed the golden body, making it glitter in the pale light. Billy took a deep breath, feeling his own body reacting to the vision before his eyes. As the flickering light crossed Josh’s body, Billy could see the pale blue outline around his lover’s body. He could almost feel the heat reaching out towards him, and he walked slowly towards the bed, stopping briefly at the foot of the bed to remove his own clothes.

As he came up to the edge of the bed, he looked down at Josh. The flickering candle silhouetted him and it brought an even wider grin to Josh’s face. The smile made Josh’s face spread open, the deep blue eyes glittering in the pale light, like two newly formed stars in the dark night sky. They held his attention as he slowly crawled onto the bed to lie next to Josh.

“You are the best thing that ever happened to me Josh,” Billy whispered softly as he ran his hand lovingly down the firm young body. It was thrilling to just touch the warm flesh, to feel the way the body reacted, moving to his touch, as if wanting more of it, as if saying, MORE, MORE .

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