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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

Josh didn’t say anything, he just looked up into Billy’s eyes and reached out to take the slow moving hand on his belly and pushed it down towards his groin. As he did he reached up with his other hand to pull the dark haired boy above him down to his own face.

With his eyes locked onto Billy’s he opened his mouth and he felt the rough edge of Billy’s tongue running across his teeth. His heart ached as it started to race inside his chest. His pulse rate shot up and his breathing was becoming faster as he looked deep into the dark eyes, seeing the warm glowing light that was Billy.

Their lips touched, and it was like a hot fire erupting in the middle of a dry forest. Their passion could no longer be held in check, and Josh groaned loudly, filling the room with his urgent demand for love. Billy’s own voice echoed the same sentiment and suddenly the two bodies

gaystoryman were engaged totally. Arms were entwined together, legs wrapping themselves up with the others as if trying to join together. Their fully erect penises pushed and poked and prodded the other, as if searching for an opening to bury themselves in.

Hands roamed across the firm flesh, touching every opening, feeling every scar, every indent in the bodies they were attacking. They moved slowly one second, then frantically the next, as if afraid they would miss some corner, some piece of the hot flesh.

Billy’s mind couldn’t keep track as wave after wave of pure love flowed through him. His whole body was a mass of twisting limbs and heart palpitating jolts. His toes arched outwards, his fingers flexed outwards, ever searching, constantly touching. It was like they were seeing each other for the first time. Their unbridled passion burst forth, their hard bodies grew harder. Their muscles coiled even tighter within their young bodies, the skin grew taut as the passion flowed from deep within their souls.

Josh could barely breath, he felt like his head would explode with all the wonderful feelings that was bombarding his thoughts. There was so much to do, so much to feel, that his brain was reaching out to try and gather it all in. His heart was pounding, relentless in its beat, strident in its desire.

Billy could feel his whole body aching under the strain of being so tight, so hard. He could feel the tiny beads of sweat forming as he twisted his body, willing his limbs to bend in ways they weren’t meant to. He couldn’t not be a part of Josh, not now, now he needed to be as one with the lanky eager body next to him. His heart was pushing him harder, urging his body onwards, to fit, to mix, and to join.

Josh didn’t think his heart could go any faster, yet somehow it managed to increase its speed. His whole chest ached, along with every part of his body. One second he found himself tasting Billy’s mouth, then he was kissing the soft flesh of his inner thigh, he even tasted the salty top of Billy’s hard cock. Each sensation, each kiss brought him even more pleasure and made his heart race even faster.

He was sure he would explode any second, the way his whole body seemed to be convulsing. The touch of his lips against Josh’s full balls almost made him cry out in pain, the feeling was so intense. His body was moving in so many directions at once that he lost all track of where he was.

The bed groaned and creaked as the two young bodies flew all over the surface, springing one second to the edge on one side, then up to the top of the bed, then back to the foot and all over. It groaned almost as loudly as the two boys did, as their mouths found new spots to kiss and taste.

gaystoryman 110 Josh could feel his body surging, the blood just rampaging inside like a burst dam. His head was light and everything seemed to just float around him as he twisted and turned. His mouth was tasting new sensations every second, feeling the saltiness of Billy’s pre-cum one second, then the sweet pungent taste of his pink sphincter muscle.

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