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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

They moved in a weird dance, their legs crossing a chest one second, then lying across an arm the next. Billy slipped his hard penis into Josh’s rectum once, to spread his lover open, feeling the sudden intake of breath as he entered, then he was back out, his mouth replacing his throbbing penis. Billy’s tongue worked its way deep inside Josh’s opened rectum.

Then it was Josh’s turn as Billy moved up and as he reached to kiss his lover’s sweat covered face, he felt his buttocks itching as he lowered himself quickly onto the pulsing pole that poked at him. He cried out briefly as the hot dripping penis entered his own tight anus, and yet he needed more than that. Billy kissed hard, sending his tongue rampaging down into the eager and willing throat as his buttocks tightened its hold on the pulsing cock inside. He could feel his rectal muscles contracting, forcing the inner muscles to wrap even harder around the thick throbbing cock.

Josh flung his arms from side to side as he felt Billy squeezing his throbbing cock. There was no sense of time as he lurched his body upwards, forcing his thick cock even deeper into the eager rectum of Billy. His mouth was sore from the harsh probing of Billy’s tongue; his cock sore from the tight hold of Billy’s ass on his cock. He groaned loudly knowing that his time was coming very quickly. Somehow he managed to gain some control over his hands and he found his fingers now wrapped around the hot pulsing penis of Billy.

He stroked it with each thrust of his hips upwards; with each flick of Billy’s tongue he squeezed his fingers tighter. Josh could feel his saliva dripping out of the corners of his mouth, and he could taste the sweet flavour of Billy’s tongue as his body tightened its hold. His muscles were coiling even harder and he could feel his back pressing deep into the bed, forcing the springs even farther down.

Billy knew it was close, he could sense it, his mind was now reaching out, his whole being concentrated deep with Josh’s soul. He could feel each muscle coiling, feel the tenseness, the way the legs were now stretched fully out, the toes arching down towards the side of the bed. His own body was coiling in unison with that of Josh. The time was coming and suddenly he broke off, taking his mouth off the firm thin lips of his lover, his tongue no longer pushing down the warm open throat.

His whole body lifted itself, feeling the prone taut body beneath him reach upwards, as if to hold onto his own sweating flesh. He could

gaystoryman barely breath, his chest was so tight from a lack of air, yet he struggled to gasp for more as he flung himself around. Billy felt the hot throbbing cock slide out of his rectum in one swoop. His eyes opened, he turned and with his hips now resting over Josh’s face, he lowered his face towards the red throbbing cock in front of him. He could see the white pre-cum oozing out of the swollen cock head, and he felt his own cock now pressing against Josh’s own opened mouth.

For one brief second he stared at the thick waving cock in front of his mouth. He saw the tiny blond hairs matted all around the base of the thick cock, seeing the way they curled around, and then his mouth was over the thick red head. He could taste the salty pre-cum and then he felt his lips slide down the hot flesh, feeling the thick vein underneath the hot shaft quiver as his lips pressed against the taut skin.

Josh could feel the wet sticky cream against his lips. He opened his mouth eagerly to accept this sudden gift, and he opened his eyes to watch the body above his face lower itself slowly onto his face. He breathed deeply, smelling that special scent that was Billy and he could feel his heart leap forward. It felt like it had left his body as the hot throbbing cock pushed past his teeth and wedged itself slowly into his mouth.

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