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Rent Boy – Chapter 8

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 10•12
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

The hot cock pushed his tongue aside, refusing to stop its downward motion. Josh watched the dark wiry hair of Billy’s groin come closer to his face, closer with each passing second. He marvelled at the way the body came down to him, ever so slowly, ever so carefully, letting the huge hot flesh of his penis fill his mouth, then work its way down his wide open throat.

He could see the balls swinging lightly underneath, their sac containing the very essence of his lover. Josh opened his eyes wider as he tasted the warm pre-cum sliding down his throat in advance of the pulsing cock head. The dark haired balls were closer now, brushing up against his nose as the huge cock filled his mouth, and his throat with its heat.

Josh breathed in deeply, sucking the huge pole even further into his throat, feeling himself gasp for air as the huge throbbing piece of flesh filled him. He could feel his body shake to the pressure, and he cried out in pure joy as every muscle in his body seemed to come alive, and spring outward.

Billy felt the tremor start deep inside of Josh. He could feel the excitement in the throbbing cock as it filled his throat and wedged itself deep into him. The huge balls were tight against the shaking cock shaft and he wrapped his hands around the hot sweaty hips of his lover. The touch of his fingers brought an even harder tremble to the body beneath him.

gaystoryman 112 He could feel his own body shaking, feel his own muscles suddenly reaching outwards. A distant cry started to penetrate his ears as he found himself letting out a loud vibrant groan. His body was unleashing his muscles and he felt the room shake beneath him. Everything went all grey on him, the shape of the throbbing cock, the full balls lost their definition as his mind simply couldn’t take it all in anymore.

A wave of pure energy seemed to suddenly appear around them. Josh could feel a sudden burning in his throat and his groin and he felt his body arching upwards. His whole body had sprung up and it drove Billy’s throbbing cock further than he thought humanly possible. Huge streams of salty sweet cum came flooding into his throat and it made his body quiver and vibrate.

Billy’s muscles let go and his whole body came crashing down hard on top of Josh. He felt the huge throbbing cock jerking inside his mouth as his face pressed harder onto the groin. The blond pubic hairs of Josh now etched deep into his face as he swallowed the hot cock like he had never swallowed a cock before. Huge streams of Josh’s milk came flooding out into his throat and down into his belly. He could taste the sweetness of the cum and his throat eagerly drank it all, holding onto the pulsing cock, squeezing it even tighter as if to drain every drop of the precious liquid.

As he drank eagerly of the hot juice, he felt his buttocks quiver and shake as his own penis was pouring its own hot milk into just as eager a throat. It was unreal; his eyes blinked as he saw tiny strands of blond pubic hairs curl and touch his long dark eyelashes. His mind was suddenly off, no longer able to focus, lights flashed before him and he silently prayed to God, thanking him for the love that he was receiving. His heart whined loudly, screaming out into the night like a jet engine pushed beyond its maximum capacity and yet it still kept racing, still kept the fuel flowing, despite the strain.

The two bodies shook and quivered under the release. Two sets of hard young muscles uncoiled together, meeting the other in mid air. The two hard bodies crashed into each other, one on an upward lurch, and the other on a downward press. They came together as their young fresh milk flowed outwards, filling each with their love and joy.

It was over as suddenly as it began; Billy lying off to one side, his spent cock resting against Josh’s lips, Josh’s limp penis resting against his own cum covered lips. Neither had to say anything, neither had to look at the other, they just together put their one free arm on top of the other’s legs, the now drained cocks resting against their mouths, and closed their eyes, satisfied for the moment with the love that they knew was theirs, and only theirs.

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