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Rent Boy – Chapter 12

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 14•07

Chapter 12

What the mind of man can conceive and believe,

The mind of man can achieve.

Napoleon Hill Gordon was tossing and turning. His mind was refusing to let him sleep; he kept hearing his name and his heart was starting to ache. He could feel himself sweating as he tried to remain lost in sleep. Suddenly an image all draped in red appeared in his sleep-shrouded brain and he woke up screaming.

He couldn’t believe it, his heart had to be going a thousand beats per second, and his pulse was racing as he tried to calm himself. He looked around and found that Josh had left.

He was a bit saddened by that; for a moment he had thought that maybe, just maybe, Josh was finally turning the corner on his grief. He felt unsettled though, as he thought of the pale young man, the one who had crawled into his bed, what, only a few hours ago, judging by the clock radio.

Gordon felt chilled, yet there was a warm breeze blowing in off the bay. He could see the drapes flowing gently in the summer breeze, yet he felt cold, as if something was wrong.

He lay there, going over everything of this past week, of how Josh had barely eaten, had barely even spoke despite his best attempts. He even ignored Manuel’s chatter, which was unusual for Josh. Yet today had been different, he had almost seemed happy, well, no that wasn’t the word, maybe more at peace would best describe it.

He had eaten well, too, almost like his old young self and that was certainly a step in the right direction, wasn’t it? So why was he feeling like something was terribly wrong? Why did he have this icy cold fear gripping at his heart now?

gaystoryman Gordon got up from his bed and walked over to the window, to glance out. He saw the stars but something seemed wrong, they didn’t glitter for him, instead they seemed shrouded in a grey mist, yet the bay was clear, no fog was coming in.

He glanced back up to see the moon, and even that was misted over. As he stared towards the heavens, his heart felt heavier, like an impending doom was about to happen. Damn, he couldn’t handle any more bad news, not now, not when he had so much to do, so much to take care of.

The chill was penetrating his bones. He could feel it deep inside of them; even his penis was shrivelled up deep within his body, something that rarely happened to him. He stood there and shivered and reached out to his night chair, to grab his robe and wrap himself up in it. He huddled within the warm fibres, yet he still could feel his body trembling with cold.

Gordon looked around the room, feeling out of place, as if he wasn’t supposed to be here. The unease grew in the pit of his stomach as he walked around his room, trying to warm up and also trying to find the source of his discomfort.

Finally he found himself out in the hallway of the upper level. He had on his slippers and socks plus a pair of jeans, in an effort to warm him. The hallway was dark, only small shadows danced along the walls from the tiny night lights that dotted the lower portion of the walls. Yet, as he stared down the long empty passage, he felt the chill grow inside of him.

Clutching the robe tightly around him, he walked softly down the hall, towards the guest rooms. He wondered why the house was so cold, so empty feeling. The small lights looked dim in the dark of night, yet he never remembered them that way before. As he passed by the stairway he felt an urge to merely run down the stairs and leave.

He had never felt so alone before; nothing had ever made him feel this lonely, this desirous of hearing another’s voice. Stopping at the head of the stairs, he battled the sudden urge to leave his home. Now he knew something was wrong, nothing could ever make him want to leave and yet here was this insane desire to run.

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