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Hats One Must Wear

Written By: Sex Writer - Apr• 29•10

I really haven’t a clue how other writers manage it.

I mean seriously, writing is a full time job, yet if we want to be read, to be heard, we have to find ways to market ourselves. Now, that means blogs, but you know, no one is really into paying to read adult stories, for a fee online.  Least I sure didn’t find many takers.

UK amateur in undiesSo we have to push other stuff, and no, I won’t push those pills, but instead push adult membership sites, sex novelties, and that then becomes another full time job. Like how many jobs can a guy handle?

Like Jake K, over to the left. I mean first off, those undies sort of get the mind thinking, about the weird type of undie designs that some of us guys wear.

Then too, there is the unwrapping of that package, that helps solidify the thought, but then is it for a story, or a blog post?  [ In this case, it did lead to a blog post onIt’s Only Sex ” ]

Thing is, I’d rather write a story about the multi colored jockey shorts, than a blog post, but hell, a guy has to eat and pay the bills, don’t they?  [ Well okay, they do unless they are one of the Big Three auto makers, or some other mega corporation.]

On top of that, one has to run their household, and being married plus caring for my 92[almost 93] year old mother, is another one or two full time jobs. So like, I may be old, but I do need SOME sleep.

The one upside to all this, is I get to look at naughty pictures all day, to find the right sort of inspiration for the writing gig, and hope too, that those pics will garner some sales too. Man, what a vicious cycle this adult biz is.

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