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Grass or Ass

Written By: Sex Writer - Apr• 30•10

Part (-)

Leon pulled onto Douglas Street with his van, and headed North towards the Island Highway. The sun was just starting to rise up over the horizon, and it looked like another perfect spring day. A good day to be travelling up the Island, he mused.

With ‘the Q’ playing he came up to the turn by Wal Mart, noticing how far along the new construction was. It really was something, to see all those buildings rising up out of the ground, the cranes not yet doing their daily dance.

He leaned back as he picked up speed, to begin his regular ritual of heading up island, to sell his goods. Leon was a typical self employed thirty something, selling stuff he picked up at Auctions, at distress sales. Case lots of goods, that he bought dirt cheap, and flogged to the local retailers along the lower island.

It gave him a chance to travel, which he liked, plus it did pay the bills. Though in today’s economy, it was getting harder & harder to just manage thanks to the idiots in Ottawa. Still, his cube van was paid for, ran on propane, so he still managed to eke out a decent living.

Leon was just nearing the big four oh, but looking like he could still pass for twenty something. The hair was full, no gray among his auburn hair, and he did keep his 5ft 10in frame in decent shape. No pot belly, yet, and he had a bit of muscle definition, which came from the constant lifting & shifting of his goods.

With the bridge coming up, past the Colwood exit, he spotted the figure along the side of the road. He looked youngish, maybe late teens or early twenties. Wasn’t wearing much either, and the backpack looked a bit empty. He could see that the guy had longish hair, but not sure yet what the color was. He also noticed him turn his head, as he approached and saw the hand jerking outwards, thumb upraised in the classic hitchhiker salute.

What the Fuck’ he thought, it had been awhile, and it was a rather longish drive to Nanaimo. Then too, the guy was built the way Leon liked them, slender and tall. It was amazing at how many quickies he had gotten, since going out on his own, selling whatever he could get his hands on.

His mind made up, Leon pulled the truck off to the shoulder, and watched as the hitchhiker hesitated a second, then jogged forwards, to come up to the side of Leon’s truck. Rolling down his window, Leon looked out and waited till the guy was closer.

‘Where you heading?’

‘Tofino’ the guy yelled back, not yet up to the side of the truck.

The voice was tired sounding, almost forlorn too. Yet as he came closer, Leon felt a familiar stir in his groin. The guy was cute, long shaggy blond hair, tight fitting jeans. Exactly his type, he thought, figuring that he couldn’t be more than twenty, most likely was about eighteen, just.

‘Fair distance, I am only going as far as Nanaimo, hop in if you want’

‘Cool, thanks man’

The young man trotted around the front of the truck, and Leon noticed how firm his ass was, as he moved to the other side. Leaning over, Leon undid the lock, and cracked the door for his passenger. The young man hefted his pack off his back, as he climbed in, then dragged it in to lay it between his legs.

The sight of his legs spreading apart, made Leon lick his lips a bit, as he noticed just how well filled out the guy was. Course, he did linger for a bit, at his crotch. He seemed to hesitate a second, as he noticed Leon’s prominent sticker on the front dash, right in front of the passenger seat.


He had picked it up from a local dollar store, and it had given him lots of fun times. Smiling, he noticed how it didn’t seem to stop his latest passenger, from stuffing the backpack down and close the door with a good thud.

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